Costa Rica Trip Video and Updates


i just got back from costa rica 2 days ago. i absolutely loved it there. the scenery was beautiful, but most importantly i loved the people and the way they live their life.

i took thousands of pictures, but that will probably take me some time to edit them and write up in depth posts about my experience.

i thought id share a quick video that captured some of the places we went. you will have to watch it on computer; there is no sound if you watch it on phone.

please enjoy.

pura vida!


i have been very slow on my posts recently because i havent been eating much. i have been trying so hard to lose weight for my wedding because pork belly and bunny are finally getting married next month. ive lost almost 40lbs so far.

it will be a very busy month ahead of us because we will be in canada to attend my friend’s wedding, then fly to beijing for my own wedding the week after. we are staying in beijing/shanghai for 3 weeks and touring porkbelly’s family around china.

my dad has been in charge of planning the wedding, but there’s still a lot shit i need to take care myself. my family and porkbelly’s family doesnt really speak the same language so i became the communication bridge for everything which can be very frustrating sometimes. my parents are divorced so they have to communicate through me as well.

the wedding that will take place in beijing will be our main wedding, but there’s still gonna be another small celebration for family/friends in DC around xmas time this year.

pork belly and i have been dating for more than 4 years and a lot of things have happened during these 4 years. good, bad, and terrible things all have happened. i am glad we are still together and i am marrying him. he has given me so much love, support, and patience that ive never received from anyone else, not even my parents. getting married does feel different than just dating. i subconsciously want to treat him better and care about him more since i will be stuck with him for the rest of my life. we are becoming one team. if he’s living a miserable life, mine probably cant be too much better.

all that being said, i hope everyone had a great summer. cant believe summer is almost over, we havent used AC not evem once yet in our house.

August 09, 2014-August-09,-2014-IMG_8782dd


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