Yong Yong | Malden, MA Boston

July 19, 2014-IMG_6437

yong yong is a newly opened restaurant in malden. they serve dim sum and all you can eat hot pot and sushi.

July 19, 2014-IMG_6256

we came on a saturday morning for dim sum, yong yong wasnt nearly as packed as sun kong, the other place that serves dim sum in malden. there’s also plenty of parking.
July 19, 2014-IMG_6261-2

the selection of dim sum is not the largest one, but enough for our basic needs.
July 19, 2014-IMG_6253

happy pork belly because dim sum is his fave thing to eat.
July 19, 2014-IMG_6293

pork 烧卖
July 19, 2014-IMG_6320

chives and shrimp dumplings
July 19, 2014-IMG_6334

pork ribs
July 19, 2014-IMG_6354

July 19, 2014-IMG_6367

crab claws
July 19, 2014-IMG_6381

July 19, 2014-IMG_6432

shrimp 肠粉
July 19, 2014-IMG_6395

虾饺 shrimp dumplings
July 19, 2014-IMG_6417

July 19, 2014-IMG_6426

although the food didnt taste as good as sun kong or nearly as good as dim sum from chinatown, i def enjoyed the no waiting, easy parking experience. the restaurant is pretty new and clean which is def something i appreciate. sometimes i can sacrifice a little taste for no hassle experience.
July 19, 2014-IMG_6285

Yong Yong
Dim Sum, Hot Pot
100 Ferry St
Malden, MA 02148
Phone number (781) 322-8887

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