Jean And Lee Kitchen | Newton, MA Boston

August 31, 2014-DSC02364

went to jean and lee kitchen in newton for dinner last night. a relatively new restaurant opened earlier this year serving taiwaneses food.

August 31, 2014-DSC02369

there are two floors, we dined on the upper floor. pretty spacious.

August 31, 2014-DSC02373

complimentary small apps – pickled cabbage and fried peanuts.
August 31, 2014-DSC02382

咸酥鸡 salt and pepper chicken – they use bone-in chicken
August 31, 2014-DSC02412

shredded pork ears with spicy oil
August 31, 2014-DSC02420

stinky tofu – i smelled this in the parking lot.
August 31, 2014-DSC02445

xiao long bao – no soup inside, but it wasnt bad
August 31, 2014-DSC02448

August 31, 2014-DSC02455

spicy fish filet – wasnt spicy at all
August 31, 2014-DSC02462

August 31, 2014-DSC02467

stir fry rice noodles
August 31, 2014-DSC02477

kung pao chicken
August 31, 2014-DSC02483

braised pork belly with mei cai – this was really delicious, not porky at all. the fat really melts in your mouth. highly recommended 油而不腻,赞!
August 31, 2014-DSC02495

August 31, 2014-DSC02500

seafood tofu
August 31, 2014-DSC02509

three cup chicken
August 31, 2014-DSC02522

August 31, 2014-DSC02519

August 31, 2014-DSC02543

food was decent overall, but i dont think i would come here often due to 45 mins drive from my house.
August 31, 2014-DSC02556

Jean And Lee Kitchen
108 Oak St
Newton, MA 02464
Phone number (617) 558-2888

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