Tips on Shooting Our Own Engagement/Wedding Photos


i attempted to take some engagement/wedding photos for ourselves this past weekend because we need pictures the for our wedding as well as the invitations. taking our own pictures with just a tripod and no help was a lot more frustrating and difficult than i antipated. not only i had to worry about doing my own makeup/hair and looking good, i had to also worry about setting up the shoot, posing two people, shooting remotely, etc. i could barely move in the wedding dress.

i bought some cheap lighting and a red backdrop online. the backdrop wasnt big enough and we shot in our living room; we only had little room to work with. i shot with my 6D using the eos remote app which was painfully slow.

we spent a whole day shooting, but i was only somewhat satisfied with a few pix. our bodies looked awkward in most of the pix or one person was blinking in the shot.

here are the a few that turned out ok comparing to the rest:







it was such a stressful and frustrating experience that i dont think ill ever want to do it again, but here are the few things i couldve done better.
1. def find a larger space with a larger backdrop to work with.
2. stay further away from the background so no harsh shadows.
3. more lighting on porkbelly since he’s darker than me
4. better prepared wardrobe. pork belly told me last min he couldnt find his tie and shirt when i was all ready to shoot. i almost had a heart attack.
5. maybe actually get someone to help us press the shutter and hold the camera so we can shoot at different angles.

If any of you need engagement photos taken, I would love to help.

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