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Hi all,

Porkbelly here. I had the great opportunity to eat at NeBo in Boston to try out the new fall menu featuring the delicious locally grown tomatoes from Backyard Farms. Backyard farms is a year round Tomato producer in Madison Maine, you heard that right, year round in Maine! They produce the freshest Tomatoes and they happen to be right in our Backyard (pun intended). I am excited to announce that Backyard farms is releasing a new beefsteak tomato, the Somerset Pink in the up and coming weeks. They are the very first large tomato producer to bring this beefsteak tomato to the market! The tomato will be available only in Maine, New Hampshire, and on the new NeBo fall menu. The tomato is like nothing I’ve ever had, it has a very rich flavor (and light in color), almost a うま味 (Unami) flavor, like a deep savory taste, it is like nothing I’ve ever had in a tomato before!

Nebo Boston is located off of Atlantic Ave next to the Intercontinental Hotel. I took an extended lunch break today to attend their new fall menu tasting luncheon featuring the tomatoes from Backyard Farms. Nebo was founded by two sisters the Chef/owners Carla Pallotta & Christine Pallotta, utilizing the receipts inherited from their mother, inspired by their travels to Italy and Italian upbringing. Nebo stands for North End Boston, They originally opened in Boston’s North end, they have since moved to a larger location near Boston’s Financial district.

The menu looks very promising!

October 24, 2014-DSC00442-2 October 24, 2014-DSC00420

First up is the Backyard Farms Somerset Pink Tomato with Burrata, Saba, and EVOO (Extra Vigin Olive Oil). The Burratta complimented the Somerset Pink Tomato very well, the Burratta tasted extremely fresh, and the Somerset Pink tomato gives it further depth.  The olive oil is excellent, I believe it was imported from Italy.

October 24, 2014-DSC00433-2

The Executive Vice President of Sales of Backyard Farms Tim Cunniff passed around some of the cherry tomatoes from Backyard Farms, they are extremely fragrant and taste just a good.
October 24, 2014-DSC00468

Speaking of Tim, here is he next to Carla Pallotta Chef/Owner of NeBo.
October 24, 2014-DSC00476-2

The bread is delicious, I like dipping the break into the sauce of the clams (more on that later)
October 24, 2014-DSC00486

We received a gift bag from Backyard Farms, we’ll reveal what we received further below!

October 24, 2014-DSC00497 October 24, 2014-DSC00444

Another busy day at NeBo
October 24, 2014-DSC00499

This bread is called Mama, it is a potato based bread, the potato is cooked, broken down and incorporated into the dough. The starter for this bread is over 100 years old, the reason why it is called Mama is because when they would feed the dough, they would sing the song Italian song Mama, it is a starchy potato based bread that goes very well with the tomato jam. When the owners moved restaurants they had a 5 month period between locations, they had to keep the dough alive, originally they didn’t know how they would keep it alive, they researched and researched, and through perseverance the dough is here with us now. Once the bread hit the table, I could tell it was something special, the aroma of the bread is intoxicating.

October 24, 2014-DSC00505

Backyard Farms Vine Ripe Tomato Jam….

The Bread matched very well with the sweetness of the tomato jam. It is quite addictive. I think I helped myself to 4th or 5ths.

October 24, 2014-DSC00523

Salumi Misti – Prosciutto Di Parma, Mortadella, Finocchiona Salami, Coppa, Speck, and Asiago cheese. Standard Italian fare, very delicious, everything went will with each other. The bread, jam, salumi, and cheese it was like they were made for each other.
October 24, 2014-DSC00546

October 24, 2014-DSC00538

October 24, 2014-DSC00570

The restaurant was packed during lunch

October 24, 2014-DSC00580

October 24, 2014-DSC00586

As I said, the jam is very addicting…… the Backyard farms tomatoes were very fresh.

October 24, 2014-DSC00591

Handmade Pasta – Spaghettini, Backyard Farms Cocktail Tomato, Capers, Olives, and EVOO. The pasta was delicious, at BunnyandPorkBelly, we love hand made noodles. Nothing can compete with that Chewy texture. Everything paired well together, the tomatoes are sweet and flavorful without being mushy, and the capers are delicious, I believe they are imported from Italy. The pasta was perfect, I don’t believe I’ve have had handmade pasta in Boston before…..

October 24, 2014-DSC00611

Veraci In Brodo – Baby clams, Finicchiona Salami, Ceci, Backyard Farms Cocktail Tomato + Bruschetta with spicy Aioli…. The clams were like nothing I’ve had here, they were imported from Italy, they have a nice sweet succulent flavor. The Finicchiona Salami is a nice addition, the bread is great for dipping into the sauce, and of course the Tomato gives it a nice sweet hint. An overall well executed dish with the best ingredients.
October 24, 2014-DSC00626

October 24, 2014-DSC00636

Finally we get to the Pizza Blanco – Backyard Farms Beefsteak Tomato, Prosciutto Cotto, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Arugula, Parmigiano.

I love Ricotta on a Pizza, it adds a unique texture and taste. All of the ingredients tasted extremely fresh, especially the Somerset Pink Tomato, which added to the savory pallet of the pizza. The Arugula gave it a nice balance.

October 24, 2014-DSC00672

October 24, 2014-DSC00677

Finally, we can find out what was in the gift bag…..

Some delicious Tomatoes, Somerset Pink and Cocktail, a cutting board, Knife, and a USB stick. Thank you Backyard Farms, I can’t wait to enjoy this.

October 24, 2014-DSC00731

Money shot of the Cocktail Tomatoes
October 24, 2014-DSC00753

Thank you Nebo for inviting us, and Thank You Backyard Farms for supplying the delicious Tomatoes! If you have a chance, try the new Fall Menu with the Tomatoes! Overall everything extremely fresh, NeBo uses the highest quality ingredients, most of it imported from Italy. The Tomatoes taste spectacular, I can’t believe it in grown year-round in a greenhouse in Maine. Everyone has to try this!

520 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02210
Nebo on Urbanspoon

Backyard Farms
131 River Road
Madison, ME 04950
tel: 207-696-5300

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