Costa Rica 2014 Day 2 Part 1 Rio Celeste River | Tenorio Volcano National Park

August 16, 2014-IMG_0647

its day 2 in costa rica. we signed up a tour last night through our hotel to go to rio celeste river. i believe its $20 cheaper if you booked online, but since we booked it last min, i thought it was easier jus to do through hotel.

celeste river is a river in the rainforest of tenorio volcano national park of costa rica. it is known for its distinctive turquoise coloration caused by a chemical reaction between sulfur and calcium carbonate.

August 16, 2014-IMG_0762

the tour guy picked us up in the morning. it was just us and a girl from argentina so it felt like a private tour.

volcano arenal was all cloudy the entire time when we stayed there. the local told us only 30% of chance seeing the volcano. mostly cloudy all year round.

rio celeste is about an hour away from our hotel in arenal.
August 16, 2014-IMG_0845

on the way there we saw a white face monkey and a sloth.

August 16, 2014-IMG_0853

one of the benefits of having a tour guy is he can spot wild animals so well. i had a hard time find the animal even when he pointed out for me. they are really blended in with nature or maybe im just blind.
August 16, 2014-IMG_0867

my 1st time seeing a sloth in person. so happy


August 16, 2014-IMG_0942

we finally arrived to Tenorio Volcano National Park
August 16, 2014-G0051033

August 16, 2014-IMG_1015

August 16, 2014-IMG_1025

August 16, 2014-IMG_1068

August 16, 2014-IMG_1076

August 16, 2014-IMG_1082

August 16, 2014-IMG_1109

August 16, 2014-IMG_1167

August 16, 2014-IMG_1180

August 16, 2014-IMG_1192

August 16, 2014-IMG_1210 August 16, 2014-IMG_1189

August 16, 2014-IMG_1226

August 16, 2014-IMG_1535

August 16, 2014-IMG_1029

August 16, 2014-IMG_1066

August 16, 2014-IMG_1238

August 16, 2014-IMG_1543

August 16, 2014-IMG_1550

August 16, 2014-IMG_1562-2

August 16, 2014-IMG_1584

August 16, 2014-IMG_1596

August 16, 2014-IMG_1611

there is where two rivers join together becomes one and where the chemical reaction between sulfur and calcium carbonate so the water turn blue.
August 16, 2014-IMG_1637

August 16, 2014-IMG_1650

August 16, 2014-IMG_1664

August 16, 2014-IMG_1685

August 16, 2014-IMG_1690

August 16, 2014-IMG_1724 August 16, 2014-IMG_1761

August 16, 2014-IMG_1745

August 16, 2014-IMG_1768

August 16, 2014-IMG_1908

August 16, 2014-IMG_1951

August 16, 2014-IMG_2097

August 16, 2014-IMG_2114

August 16, 2014-IMG_2138

August 16, 2014-IMG_2162

August 16, 2014-IMG_2206

August 16, 2014-IMG_2236

August 16, 2014-IMG_1455

August 16, 2014-IMG_1515

August 16, 2014-IMG_1519

it was some intense hiking. the trail was almost nonexistent; you pretty much walking in mud the entire time. i pretty much hike everywhere with flip flops but wouldve not made it with this one. i did in toms tho but only because it didnt rain. i wouldve been fucked if it started raining. hiking shoes are actually necessary if you come on a rainy day.
August 16, 2014-IMG_2245

ok after the hike, we were so ready for lunch. this soda/restaurant is the only restaurant near the parking lot.
August 16, 2014-IMG_2257

August 16, 2014-IMG_2262

August 16, 2014-IMG_2270

my friend got a veg plate which was delicious according to her.
August 16, 2014-IMG_2285

i LOVED my fish filet. it was SUPER tender and flavorful. i wish all fish filet tastes like this.
August 16, 2014-IMG_2300

August 16, 2014-IMG_2316

August 16, 2014-IMG_2334

August 16, 2014-IMG_2339

i like how their currency has animals on it instead of humans
August 16, 2014-IMG_2350

we headed back to our hotel after rio celeste. we were pretty tired and so ready for dipping in the hot spring.
August 16, 2014-IMG_0666

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