Seoul Soondae (서울순대)| Annandale, VA, DC

Porkbelly here. Some friends took me to Seoul Soondae in Annandale Virginia. Annandale in Northern Virginia has a good amount of Korean Restaurants, not K-town levels as in LA, but I would consider it some of the best along the East coast, yes that is NYC/NJ included. Seoul Soondae is a restaurant known for their Korean Blood Sausages.

Tucked away in Seoul Plaza is Seoul Soondae

August 23, 2014-DSC00145

Their logo is a pig…. It’s seen throughout the restaurant

August 23, 2014-DSC00147

August 23, 2014-DSC00148

The decor of the restaurant reminds me of Gom Tang E in Centreville, perhaps they hired the same designer?

August 23, 2014-DSC00149

The Pig logo is everywhere

August 23, 2014-DSC00151

August 23, 2014-DSC00155

It’s a no frills Korean place. The waitresses don’t really speak English that well, but they are friendly and polite. But who cares, it’s all about the food.

August 23, 2014-DSC00157

The usual Panchan of Kimchi, Daikon, Beansprouts everything was on point.
August 23, 2014-DSC00159

August 23, 2014-DSC00160

This is what we came here for, the Soondae, It’s a Blood sausage stuff with noodles inside, it’s absolutely delicious. The Sausage just melts in your mouth. It also comes with pork belly, liver, stomach, tongue.

August 23, 2014-DSC00162

I noticed a lot of Korean Restaurants have this bean in their rice.
August 23, 2014-DSC00166

Dukboki (떡볶이) – Spicy Rice cakes, this was also on point.
August 23, 2014-DSC00168

Kimbap – Korean Rice roll with Beef. It tasted like Kimbap…..
August 23, 2014-DSC00180

Bibim Gook Soo, Cold Spicy Noodle with Vegetables, kind of like the noodle cousin of the more popular Bi Bim Bap. Bi bim means to mix, so you mix everything up. This dish was refreshing.

August 23, 2014-DSC00183

Gam Ja Tang – Spicy Pork Rib Stew with Potato. This is what I got, the soup base is red from the hot red peppers, the black peppers give it a extra kick, the broth is cooked to perfection with the right amount of savoriness, and the Potato really completes the dish. It comes with some pork on the side that is super tender and tears right off the bone.

August 23, 2014-DSC00176

The pork…..

August 23, 2014-DSC00185

Overall this Seoul Soondae is pretty decent. For the normal fare Korean food, the Dukboki, Kimbap, it’s all pretty standard. I would come here for their Gam Ja Tang and Soon Dae. I think this place would be awesome for a cold winters day.

Seoul Soondae Restaurant
4231 Markham St, Annandale, VA 22003
Seoul Soondae on Urbanspoon


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