Tabata Ramen | New York City, NY

Another Porkbelly post. Something about Ramen and NYC seems so right, especially during the colder months. I wanted to check out Tabata Ramen because they won the 2012 NY Street Ramen Contest awhile back. They triumphed over the competition with their incredibly complex “Dark Men” Ramen, a black sesame based broth. Here is a picture to remind everyone what that looked like.


This day I went to Tabata Ramen to see what else they have to offer. Sorry for the iPhone Photos!


Tabata Ramen is located near Port Authority, not too far from the hotel I usually stay in NYC.

Once you enter, you are greeted by the Bar, or a larger dinning area in the back



From the bar you can catch a glimpse of some Wok-Action

Like many Ramen shops in the area, you can see where they roast their pork bones


I was watching this guy all night stir frying beansprouts and making fried rice


I’m all about the Calpico Soda……


Chicken Wings (チキンウィング) Spicy:
For starters I ordered their Spicy Chicken Wings

It was super hot, I almost burned my Tongue, they were fried to perfection.


Tabata Ramen(タバタラーメン)
Soybean Powder & Coconut Flavored Noodle Soup
(Spicy Chicken,Red Onions, Flavored Eggs, Cilantro):
I went with the Tabata ramen.

Since I tried their DarkMen already, I thought I should try their house Ramen. I wasn’t a big fan at all, it tasted more like a Thai soup than Ramen due to the coconut broth.

The Noodles also made it seem like a Thai soup since it has the consistency of rice noodles……


Overall, Tabata Ramen is a real hit or miss restaurant. The Darkmen Ramen I had was awesome, but their Tabata Ramen really disappointed me. When I want to eat Ramen, I want Ramen, not something that resembles a South-Asian Soup, especially something that has their restaurant’s name on. The appetizer was good, but who can really fuck up fried chicken? On the bright side, if you are near the Port Authority, this is probably the best thing around….

Tabata Ramen
540 9th Ave, New York, NY 10018
Tabata Noodle on Urbanspoon


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