Cafe Artscience | Cambridge, MA Kendall Square/MIT Boston

November 08, 2014-IMG_3519

cafe artscience is one of the most anticipated openings this fall. like the name says, it’s supposed to be an art/science inspired restaurant. it’s connected to Le Laborataire in paris which is a unique “art and design center for creativity, invention and boundless learning … dedicated to igniting fundamental change in education, culture, industry and society through its three pillars: cutting-edge exhibitions, dynamic public programming, and immersive food and drink experiences.”

November 08, 2014-IMG_3529

in addition to the founder of Le Laborataire, david edwards, the team also includes patrick campbell from eastern standard as executive chef, chris cordeiro from clio as sous chef, renae connolly from marea as pastry chef.

November 08, 2014-IMG_3746

November 08, 2014-IMG_3744

they sell some wikipearl products at the restaurant.

November 08, 2014-IMG_3549 November 08, 2014-IMG_3534

November 08, 2014-IMG_3557

instead of seating in the bright and comfortable looking main dining room, we got seated in the dark, cheap looking foldable chairs back room. i asked if we could seat in the main room because it looked like there were plenty of empty seats. the host just gave us a lame reason and didnt even try to accommodate us.

November 08, 2014-IMG_3568 November 08, 2014-IMG_3750

what i love the most about a new restaurant are the new shining silverware and glasses. November 08, 2014-IMG_3543

stephen c – mezcal, lime juice, simple syrup
altho im a huge mezcal fan, i was hesitant to get this drink because i was looking for something cooler, but the waiter told me it’s actually a cool drink so i just went with it. he said the ice was flavored and froze at a lower temperature so it takes longer to melt. in the end, i didnt like this drink at all. it was super sour almost takes like vinegar.
November 08, 2014-IMG_3573

whiskey – pork belly enjoyed it.
November 08, 2014-IMG_3590

November 08, 2014-IMG_3601

Marinated Oyster
Ginger Gold Apple, Burgundy Truffle, Perilla
November 08, 2014-IMG_3649

House Smoked Salmon Mille-Feuille – Whipped Cream Cheese, American Caviar
November 08, 2014-IMG_3616

Spanish Octopus
Fingerling Potato, Late Season Romesco, Castelveltrano Olive
November 08, 2014-IMG_3634

Berkshire Pork Belly
Sweet Potato Agnolotti, Burgundian Escargot, Persliadde
delicate crispy skin with melt in your mouth fat
November 08, 2014-IMG_3661

November 08, 2014-IMG_3670 November 08, 2014-IMG_3701

Veal Loin en Crepeniette
Pancetta, Gnocchi Parisienne, Grilled Cabbage
veal was really tender and flavorful, good texture of the gnocchi
November 08, 2014-IMG_3681

November 08, 2014-IMG_3706

potato crusted tautog – celeriac brown butter, brussels sprouts, lardo
again, super tender and had a good flavor.
November 08, 2014-IMG_3724

November 08, 2014-IMG_3739

from what i read about the restaurant, we were expecting something more adventurous and playful like molecular gastronomy, the Apple Store of food, a sensorial experience, but what we experienced was totally the opposite: very traditional well executed french cooking. Although cafe artscience was a little pretentious for my taste, i have to admit all the dishes were very well executed and some of the best i had recently. we enjoyed all the dishes. the veal and the pork belly being the highlights of all, i also really liked the tautog. menu items were rather limited, but i would def come back again when they bring new items to the menu.

November 08, 2014-IMG_3526
Cafe ArtScience
650 E kendall St
Cambridge, MA 02142
East Cambridge, Kendall Square/MIT

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