The Boil | New York City, NY

(Porkbelly) Ever since Bunny and I went to LA and ate at The Boiling Crab (The First Time), we’ve been eating at plenty of what seems like Boiling Crab imitation restaurants on the East Coast, such as Chasing Tails in Arlington, HotNJuicy in DC, and now the Boil. Hey I’m all for it if they can nail down that signature Whole Shabang Sauce.

I thought I would check out the Boil in NYC, since it seems like a rip off of the Boiling Crab in LA….. It’s right in Chinatown(some would say LES) on Chrystie Street, just a one block from a Subway stop. Sorry for the iPhone pictures guys….


It was only a Tuesday Evening, but the wait was around 1hr long or so they said, it was more like 30min!

Like many places in Chinatown, it’s CASH ONLY. So be sure to bring some cash with you, if not there is an ATM on the premise.

There is a bar in the front and a seating area in the rear.

My friend and I were seated in the rear, a bucket was already waiting for us. The bucket is for the carcases.



Some Hot Sauce and ketchup

Gumbo chicken, shrimp & pork:
We started off with some Gumbo, nothing was too overpowering, tasted like standard gumbo nothing too special about this dish. It did come out piping hot, which is a plus.

It came with some fries, they were straight out of the fryer, hot and crispy.

They gave us some latex gloves and put a bib around us……

1lb Crawfish & 1lb Shrimp:
We ordered 1lb of Crawfish and 1lb of Shrimp (highest Spice level) with the The Boil Special sauce, which is a combination of Garlic Butter, Old Bay, and Lemon Pepper. The spicyness was just right, there is some corn and sausages in the bag too. The Shrimp and Crawfish were a decent size, unlike some restaurants were they are tiny, I didn’t feel ripped off here. It was good, better than the Crawfish places in DC and VA, still not up to Boiling Crab level though. The gloves came in handy, it is messy business eating this stuff.


We were still hungry at the end so we ordered the Catfish Basket.

Catfish Basket:
The Catfish Basket also comes with fries. Like all of the other fried items we order, it was scalding hot. Which is awesome. It was perfect, crispy on the outside tender on the inside. When it comes to fried food, it’s all about the timing, they definitely have this down.


Overall, the Boil is not quite up to The Boiling Crab Level, it is a solid attempt though. If I ever get a craving for Crawfish in NYC, this is my go to. Cash Only is a bummer since most non-asian restaurants of this size take Credit Cards in this day in age (Chase Double Dining Points FTW!). I liked how you can choose the spiciness of the sauce, and how everything comes out piping hot. You can burn yourself if you’re not careful. Service was fast and friendly. I think I ordered too many fillers, all of the fried food you can’t really mess up on. My next trip will be straight seafood + corn + extra sausages!

The Boil
139 Chrystie St New York, NY 10002
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