Parla | North End Boston, MA

November 14, 2014-IMG_4047

i tried to avoid the north end as much as i could, but the newly opened parla looked decent to me so we went i check it out after a longgggg week of work.

November 15, 2014-IMG_4418 November 14, 2014-IMG_4054

November 14, 2014-IMG_4074

November 14, 2014-IMG_4082

November 14, 2014-IMG_4093 November 14, 2014-IMG_4128

November 14, 2014-IMG_4108

left: bootleg old-fashioned – black mission fig infused rye, angostura bitters, demerara sugar, orange, luxardo cherry (the cocktail of champions, aspiring don draper types)

right: sword swallower – ancho reyes, cinzano dry, st. germain, grapefruit bitters, lemon

i didnt like both of the cocktails

November 14, 2014-IMG_4063 November 14, 2014-IMG_4029

November 14, 2014-IMG_4040

November 14, 2014-IMG_4207

Truffle “Capuccino” – fresh black truffle, lobster demi, crab meat cauliflower espuma
it tasted like a creamy crab soup, i really liked this.
November 14, 2014-IMG_4136

November 14, 2014-IMG_4183

Braised Oxtail Arancini
crispy fried rice balls, oxtail, peas
November 14, 2014-IMG_4159

November 14, 2014-IMG_4196

Crispy Duck Breast
sweet potato two ways, roasted baby carrots, foraged grape gastrique
November 14, 2014-IMG_4228

the meat was very tender, was cooked just right
November 14, 2014-IMG_4232

November 14, 2014-IMG_4245

Lamb Leg Fettuccine
house made fettuccine, braised leg of lamb, english peas, wild mushrooms, pecorino-romano
November 14, 2014-IMG_4253

Mixed Seafood Brodetto
1/2 maine lobster, littleneck clams, maine mussels, fish of the day, tomato fume, black garlic bread, garden herbs
November 14, 2014-IMG_4260

November 14, 2014-IMG_4267

Ramen Noodle “Carbonara”
slow roasted karabuta pork belly, chilies, poached egg, broccoli rabè, guanciale dashi, parmesan
more like a brothless mazemen. the pork belly tasted fried rather than slow roasted. the texture of the noodles were actually not bad, pretty al dente.
November 14, 2014-IMG_4286

November 14, 2014-IMG_4298

pan seared sea scallops – ricotta gnocchi, brown butter sauce, toasted garlic green beans, salsify espuma, herbs
the butter sauce was a bit too oily. the scallops were nicely seared but unfortunately they were sandy.
November 14, 2014-IMG_4326

although i didnt enjoy the cocktails, the food at parla was decent overall. service was slow and inattentive.

after dinner, we walked down to mike’s pastry to get some cannoli and cakes and ate at thinking cup next door to parla with coffee and green tea latte.

November 14, 2014-IMG_4345

November 14, 2014-IMG_4357

November 14, 2014-IMG_4401

November 14, 2014-IMG_4396

230 Hanover St
Boston, MA 02113
b/t Richmond St & Board Aly in North End
Phone number (617) 367-2824
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