Eight Turn Crepes | NYC SoHo, NY

(PorkBelly) It was a hot summers day and I was wandering around NYC looking for something cold. I walked past a sign that advertised Japanese Crepes. I thought, why not.


This brought me to Eight Turn Crepe, I saw the Green Tea ice cream and I knew I had to have this

They have various types of crepes such as savory and desserts, I went for the later….

Azuki Berries: Strawberries, Il Laboratoria del Gelato Matcha green tea gelato, Azuki beans, Eight Turn whipped yogurt,Eight Turn Matcha (green tea) custard cream, Slivered almonds,Chocolate Pocky sticks

This crepe really hit the spot! It is perfect harmony, the sweetness of the strawberries and Red Bean with the slight bitter-sweet flavor of the Matcha Ice cream and the crunchiness of the Pocky sticks all in a warm perfect crepe. It was fucking awesome.

I want to roll up in the crepe and sleep on the pocky sticks…….

If you are ever looking for a quick and easy dessert, definitely try out eight turn crepes! I didn’t get to try their other crepes since they were more like sandwiches. I probably never will since there is so much in that department New York already offers.

Eight Turn Crepe
55 Spring St, New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-3408
Eight Turn Crêpe on Urbanspoon

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