Minca Ramen Factory | East Village NYC, NY

(Pork Belly) Ramen, I love it, I always crave it and unfortunately I’ve tried every Ramen Joint in Boston…. NYC, is a whole other ball game, so I am always on the look out for a good Ramen Ya in NYC. On this Particular night I checked out Minca Ramen Factory in East Village.

I originally wanted to check out Go Ramen’s author Keizo Shimamoto’s Restaurant in the Financial District Ramen.Co Unfortunately they weren’t opened on Weekends….

So I called up the Uber and went to Minca Ramen Factory. They were no lines so I was immediately seated. Awesome!


Typical Ramen Ya Choices, although they are doing the double broth!

I got front row seats to the action. I wonder what kind of noodles they use…..



Shoyu for the Gyoza

Homemade Pork GYOZA
-pan fried pork & vegetable dumpling

Gyoza crisp to perfection and still hot. This isn’t the frozen ones that unfortunately most shops use…

Spicy Miso Ramen – Pork and Chicken Broth
This was good. The double broth adds a depth that cannot be achieved with one. I wish the egg was soft boiled, I prefer soft boiled eggs in my Ramen. The meat was very tender and melts in your mouth.

Good bye Minca Ramen, I’ll see you again.

Overall Minca Ramen Factory is a great choice if you want Ramen without the extremely long wait of the other Ramen joints in the city. The Double Broth is a plus! The restaurant is what I love about Ramen Restaurants, just Quick Delicious food at a good price. Japanese Soul food. Oh yeah, CASH ONLY!

Minca Ramen Factory
536 East 5th Street,
New York, NY, 10009
(Between Avenue A and Avenue B)
PHONE: 212.505.8001
Minca on Urbanspoon

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