Costa Rica 2014 Day 3 Arenal – Monteverde | Sky Adventures | Hotel Belmar

August 17, 2014-IMG_3370

it’s day 3 in costa rica. we were leaving from our hotel tabacon in arenal to monteverde.

August 17, 2014-IMG_3377

there are two ways to get to monteverde from arenal: by car or by boat. by boat is the shorter and faster way because it cuts right through the water. we booked jeep-boat-jeep transportation from our hotel and they picked us up from our hotel (cheaper to book online). it was like a 10 mins drive to the water where we got on the boat.

August 17, 2014-IMG_3388

the boat ride was actually pretty nice. i also signed up the sky adventures tour in monteverde so we had to get there before 12:30pm when the last tour was.
August 17, 2014-IMG_3448

August 17, 2014-IMG_3455

August 17, 2014-IMG_3467

August 17, 2014-IMG_3495

August 17, 2014-IMG_3508

after we got off the boat, there was about an hour ride to monteverde. cant imagine driving on these roads, super terrible road conditions.
August 17, 2014-IMG_3519

August 17, 2014-IMG_3544

August 17, 2014-IMG_3550

normally they drop you off at your hotel, but since we were short on time, we asked to be dropped off at the sky adventures location.
August 17, 2014-IMG_3557

there are three parts to the sky adventure tour: sky trek, sky tram, and sky walk. you can sign up individually, but we decided to do all three parts.

August 17, 2014-IMG_3573

first part was the sky walk, a guided tour where you walk through the rainforest as well as five hanging bridges/Suspended Bridges.

August 17, 2014-IMG_3580

August 17, 2014-IMG_3593

August 17, 2014-IMG_3596

August 17, 2014-IMG_3636

August 17, 2014-IMG_3667

August 17, 2014-IMG_3720

August 17, 2014-IMG_3728

August 17, 2014-IMG_3732

August 17, 2014-IMG_3742 August 17, 2014-IMG_3740

August 17, 2014-IMG_3746

August 17, 2014-IMG_3748

August 17, 2014-IMG_3753

August 17, 2014-IMG_3762

August 17, 2014-IMG_3773

August 17, 2014-IMG_3836

August 17, 2014-IMG_3879

August 17, 2014-IMG_3887

August 17, 2014-IMG_3898

August 17, 2014-IMG_3957

August 17, 2014-IMG_3982

August 17, 2014-IMG_4096

August 17, 2014-IMG_3984

August 17, 2014-IMG_3999

August 17, 2014-IMG_4014

August 17, 2014-IMG_4029

August 17, 2014-IMG_4045

August 17, 2014-IMG_4049

August 17, 2014-IMG_4057

August 17, 2014-IMG_4060

August 17, 2014-IMG_4064

August 17, 2014-IMG_4088

August 17, 2014-IMG_4107

August 17, 2014-IMG_4120

after we finished the sky walk, we were headed to the part II and park III of the sky adventures. sky tram’s like a cable car which took us to the top of the mountain and we got down by ziplining (sky trek) through 9 different cloud forest canopy.

ziplining is one of the most popular activities in costa rica. there are many places you can do ziplining in costa rica. dont be confused of canopy and ziplining; they are exactly the same thing. canopy/ziplining tours are available throughout costa rica in nearly every tourist hot spot. however, there can be different canopy/ziplining experiences depending on the location, the length and height of the cables, the overall number of cables and the duration of the tour. some canopy/ziplining tours use hand-breaking stop while the other uses automatic z-breaking system. some you zip line through the forest, some above the forest. some have more intense ones line the superman cable or a tarzan swing.

August 17, 2014-IMG_4128

i chose to do ziplining with sky trek was because they seem to have the safest and well built system. they also use the automatic z-breaking system so i dont have to worry about breaking myself since this was my 1st ziplining.
August 17, 2014-IMG_4159

August 17, 2014-IMG_4162

August 17, 2014-IMG_4172

August 17, 2014-IMG_4184

August 17, 2014-IMG_4187

August 17, 2014-IMG_4215

this was my 1st time ziplining. i was pretty scared when i got to the top. the wind was crazy and i was really really high up. after the 1st one, it was actually not that bad.

August 17, 2014-IMG_4226

August 17, 2014-IMG_4253

August 17, 2014-IMG_4259

August 17, 2014-G0011454

August 17, 2014-G0021480

August 17, 2014-G0031490

here’s a vid shot by my gopro. the helmet they provided actually had a gopro mount which was pretty convenient.

August 17, 2014-IMG_4280

August 17, 2014-IMG_4320

August 17, 2014-IMG_4333

August 17, 2014-IMG_4339

August 17, 2014-IMG_4355

August 17, 2014-IMG_4361

August 17, 2014-IMG_4386

thanks to my black rapid camera strap i was able to carry my dslr with me through the entire sky adventure tour. probably the most useful piece of camera equipment ive bought especially when i travel.
August 17, 2014-IMG_4401

we were pretty beat up after ziplining. sky adventures provided us transportations for a few dollars to our hotel: hotel belmar.

August 17, 2014-IMG_4417

August 17, 2014-IMG_4463

August 17, 2014-IMG_4433 August 17, 2014-IMG_4479

August 17, 2014-IMG_4457

August 17, 2014-IMG_4490

August 17, 2014-IMG_4505

August 17, 2014-IMG_4498

August 17, 2014-IMG_4550

daymnnn i absolutely loved this hotel. it was really beautiful. altho this wasnt the most expensive and luxurious hotel was stayed in costa rica, it was def was my favorite. it was really cozy, romantic, soothing , elegant, and a paradise of its own. a great place to relax and enjoy Monteverde. no wonder its rated no.1 hotel in monteverde.

here’s a vid of our room.

we were too tired to go out for dinner, so we decided to eat at our hotel.
August 17, 2014-IMG_4556

August 17, 2014-IMG_4562 August 17, 2014-IMG_4559
August 17, 2014-IMG_4577 August 17, 2014-IMG_4570

August 17, 2014-IMG_4586

August 17, 2014-IMG_4600

the dining room was really romantic.
August 17, 2014-IMG_4614

the steak was actually pretty good. we saw a lot of cows eating grass on the side of the roads in costa rica, so we wonder if this was one of them. we felt a little cruel. August 17, 2014-IMG_4644

August 17, 2014-IMG_4652

food was decent but nothing too memorable.
August 17, 2014-IMG_4668

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