Rialto DC| GeorgeTown, Washington DC

(Porkbelly) We were lucky to have been invited to Rialto in Georgetown, DC to try out their new Fall Menu. Rialto is located on M street off of the main strip in Historic Georgetown.

November 20, 2014-DSC02036

I was meeting a friend there so I some drinks at the bar.

Some Italian Beers I drank
Peroni Pastro Azzurro & Birra Moretti La Rossa

November 20, 2014-DSC02071 November 20, 2014-DSC02099

They have a very spacious bar with a good bar menu

November 20, 2014-DSC02088

November 20, 2014-DSC02079

Where they prepare various salumi, this goes great with beer!
November 20, 2014-DSC02085

November 20, 2014-DSC02064

The Restaurant is quite spacious, especially for a restaurant in Georgetown.

November 20, 2014-DSC02061

November 20, 2014-DSC02052

The manager Hannah was nice enough to give us a tour of the restaurant.

She showed us the downstairs area where they hold special events.

November 20, 2014-DSC02146

November 20, 2014-DSC02138

November 20, 2014-DSC02133

November 20, 2014-DSC02105

November 20, 2014-DSC02114

November 20, 2014-DSC02122

November 20, 2014-DSC02119

November 20, 2014-DSC02124

We were brought back upstairs and seated.

November 20, 2014-DSC02154

November 20, 2014-DSC02157

My friend ordered a Sangria, which he recommended and we got started.

November 20, 2014-DSC02249

Some bread to start off with


November 20, 2014-DSC02159

Baked Smoked Mozzarella wrapped with smoked Italian pancetta
November 20, 2014-DSC02175

Soft yellow corn polenta with truffled forest mushroom

I think this was my favorite dish of the night, It is a simple dish with very fresh ingredients. The polenta really brings out the natrual Umami of the mushrooms.
November 20, 2014-DSC02183

Primi E Secondi:

Tortelli pasta filled with pumpkin in a brown butter and sage sauce, topped with toasted almonds

The Pasta tasted very fresh and the filling is just right for the Fall/Winter
November 20, 2014-DSC02228

Grilled Branzino Filet over Sauteed Brussels sprouts and roasted pumpkin puree

I like Branzino it is delicate and light flavor fish, the sprouts and pumpkin puree give it a nice balance and a seasonal feeling.

November 20, 2014-DSC02197

November 20, 2014-DSC02212


A solid Tiramisu

November 20, 2014-DSC02276

Panna cotta al cappucino con salsa al caramello e Grandella di nocciole

Probably my favorite dessert. It reminds me of a Japanese Pudding, but with more delicate and complex elements. the caramel and Grandella di nocciole really makes this the perfect dessert for those with a sweet tooth.

November 20, 2014-DSC02252

Overall Rialto is a very nice restaurant in a very historic and upscale neighborhood. The food taste very fresh with a great selection of beers and wines. I would recommend it to anyone in the area. Their fall menu is sure to be a success.

2915 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007
(202) 337-1571

Rialto on Urbanspoon
*The meal was provided for free all opinions are my own*


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