Costa Rica 2014 Day 4 Monteverde | Hotel Belmar | Don Juan Coffee and Chocolate Tour | La Mansion Inn | Manuel Antonio, Quepos

August 18, 2014-IMG_4676

woke up to this beautiful view from our room in hotel belmar monteverde. today our plan is to do the don juan coffee and chocolate tour in monteverde then get to our next destination in costa rica: Manuel Antonio, Quepos.

August 18, 2014-IMG_4804

enjoying our complimentary breakfast in the hotel. such a beautiful view.

August 18, 2014-IMG_4751

August 18, 2014-IMG_4705

August 18, 2014-IMG_4694

August 18, 2014-IMG_4681

fresh costa rican coffee

August 18, 2014-IMG_4702 August 18, 2014-IMG_4707

August 18, 2014-IMG_4756

August 18, 2014-IMG_4829

i signed up the don juan coffee and Chocolate tour from our hotel the night before. while we are waiting the tour van to pick us up from our hotel, we walked around our hotel.
August 18, 2014-IMG_5731

August 18, 2014-IMG_5754-2

August 19, 2014-IMG_7361

August 18, 2014-IMG_5769

August 18, 2014-IMG_5809

the entrance
August 18, 2014-IMG_6017

the yoga and juice bar building
August 18, 2014-IMG_6028

August 18, 2014-IMG_6035

August 18, 2014-IMG_6048

the hot tub which we didnt have time to use.
August 18, 2014-IMG_6053

August 18, 2014-IMG_6059

August 19, 2014-IMG_7361

hotel lobby
August 18, 2014-IMG_4866

August 18, 2014-IMG_4874

August 18, 2014-IMG_4890

August 18, 2014-IMG_4896

August 18, 2014-IMG_4913

don juan coffee plantation was only 10 mins away from our hotel
August 18, 2014-IMG_4934

August 18, 2014-IMG_4991

August 18, 2014-IMG_5000

August 18, 2014-IMG_5009

August 18, 2014-IMG_5027

August 18, 2014-IMG_5030

August 18, 2014-IMG_5033

August 18, 2014-IMG_5014 August 18, 2014-IMG_5042

August 18, 2014-IMG_5047

August 18, 2014-IMG_5054

August 18, 2014-IMG_5065

August 18, 2014-IMG_5068

August 18, 2014-IMG_5090

August 18, 2014-IMG_5102

August 18, 2014-IMG_5106

August 18, 2014-IMG_5117

August 18, 2014-IMG_5135

August 18, 2014-IMG_5143

August 18, 2014-IMG_5153

August 18, 2014-IMG_5162

August 18, 2014-IMG_5184

August 18, 2014-IMG_5193 August 18, 2014-IMG_5204

August 18, 2014-IMG_5208

August 18, 2014-IMG_5211

the machine that separates the coffee beans

August 18, 2014-IMG_5224 August 18, 2014-IMG_5279

August 18, 2014-IMG_5232

August 18, 2014-IMG_5261

August 18, 2014-IMG_5274

August 18, 2014-IMG_5313

August 18, 2014-IMG_5348

cocoa beans
August 18, 2014-IMG_5352

August 18, 2014-IMG_5358

August 18, 2014-IMG_5372

August 18, 2014-IMG_5383

August 18, 2014-IMG_5397

August 18, 2014-IMG_5406

cocoa plant
August 18, 2014-IMG_5417

August 18, 2014-IMG_5373 August 18, 2014-IMG_5424

August 18, 2014-IMG_5441

grinding the cocoa
August 18, 2014-IMG_5444

August 18, 2014-IMG_5451

cocoa butter
August 18, 2014-IMG_5469

fresh grind chocolate
August 18, 2014-IMG_5481

August 18, 2014-IMG_5491

August 18, 2014-IMG_5495

did you know that the light roast actually has more caffeine than dark roast and requires better quality coffee beans. dark roast just means more burned coffee. the light roast coffee carries more taste of the coffee than the darker roasts.
August 18, 2014-IMG_5500

sugar cane
August 18, 2014-IMG_5524

August 18, 2014-IMG_5529

August 18, 2014-IMG_5556

August 18, 2014-IMG_7311

after the tour, we got back to our hotel room and enjoyed some freshly brewed monteverde coffee on the balcony which hotel belmar provides 24/7. it’s only a room service call away.
August 18, 2014-IMG_5692

August 18, 2014-IMG_5633

August 18, 2014-IMG_5660

August 19, 2014-IMG_7364-2

after our coffee, we took a short cab ride to downtown monteverde. there werent much going on there except for souvenir stores, information centers, and couple restaurants, so we decided to walk back to our hotel.
August 18, 2014-IMG_5845

August 18, 2014-IMG_5855

August 18, 2014-IMG_5908

August 18, 2014-IMG_5913

August 18, 2014-IMG_5947

August 18, 2014-IMG_5974

August 18, 2014-IMG_5986

we packed our bags and waited for our driver to pick us up and drive us to Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas, Quepos. i booked the our transportation on
August 18, 2014-IMG_6106

on the way to Manuel Antonio, our driver stopped by a bridge where all the alligators were chillen.
August 18, 2014-IMG_6127

after 4 hours ride, we finally arrived to our hotel la mansion inn in Manuel Antonio, quepos safely.
August 18, 2014-IMG_6151

August 18, 2014-IMG_6164

August 18, 2014-IMG_6169

August 18, 2014-IMG_6184

August 18, 2014-IMG_6217

comparing to the last two hotels we stayed at, this hotel wasnt as exciting. still a view of the ocean.
August 18, 2014-IMG_6213

it was raining out and we were pretty tired to go anywhere. we just ate dinner at our hotel. the hotel’s pretty small, a five star boutique hotel altho it didnt feel like 5 star.
August 18, 2014-IMG_6228

August 18, 2014-IMG_6244 August 18, 2014-IMG_6341

August 18, 2014-IMG_6262

August 18, 2014-IMG_6270

August 18, 2014-IMG_6288

August 18, 2014-IMG_6297

we got some seafood on rice. lobsters, crabs, clams, squid, mussels, and more
August 18, 2014-IMG_6273

August 18, 2014-IMG_6282

August 18, 2014-IMG_6316

August 18, 2014-IMG_6328

thats it for day 4 in costa rica. please read other parts of my costa rica trip below:

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