Night Market | Harvard Square Cambridge, MA Boston

December 08, 2014-DSC04991

went to check out night market’s soft opening tonight.

December 08, 2014-IMG_5240 December 08, 2014-IMG_5065

as the name suggests, it’s an asian street food inspired restaurant.

December 08, 2014-IMG_5019

December 08, 2014-IMG_5271

December 08, 2014-DSC04950

December 08, 2014-DSC04932 December 08, 2014-DSC04943

December 08, 2014-DSC04921

December 08, 2014-IMG_5014

December 08, 2014-DSC04944

it bothers me a lot when i dont get a real wine glass with my wine
December 08, 2014-IMG_5041

pineapple sake slushy | menu – click to enlarge

December 08, 2014-IMG_5234 image

wellfleet oysters with fish sauce and chillies – these oysters were served lukewarm. not sure if was because of the fish sauce, the oysters were extra fishy.
December 08, 2014-IMG_5121

daikon fries – radish with garlic/black bean aioli and smoked tomato/ginger ketchup.
the garlic dipping sauce was nice and daikon fries tasted more like yucca fries.
December 08, 2014-IMG_5096

December 08, 2014-DSC04915

December 08, 2014-DSC04928-2

chinese fish fry – salted dace, mustard greens, thai chili
December 08, 2014-IMG_5177

December 08, 2014-DSC04974

mushroom gyoza – maitake, shitake, button, cashew
December 08, 2014-IMG_5143

dan dan mien – spicy pork ragout, sichuan broth, egg noodles
nothing tasted like the dan dan noodles i have had in asia. noodles had no textures. egg noodles are not used in real dan dan mian.
December 08, 2014-IMG_5201

December 08, 2014-IMG_5225

food didn’t taste bad except for the oysters; however, it tasted nothing like authentic asian street food. the idea is nice, but the execution is off. one of the reasons why people enjoy night markets is that they enjoy specialized dishes by each food vendor while still having a great selection of food. dishes like dan dan mian seem simple but are very hard to execute well. usually one food stand at a night market in asia specializes in one dish or one type of food. they cook the same dish all their life and sometimes it’s even being passed on from one generation to another. although they have a selection of ‘asian street food’ dishes, none of the dishes we had at night market was very well made or memorable.

although the food was discounted at 50% off during the soft opening period, i found the full price to be ridiculously high for what it is. the daikon fries are priced at $10 and the chinese fish fry, canned fish + rice, are priced at $9.5. not sure what kinda people would wanna pay $10 for some canned fish over white rice. i rarely talk about prices on this blog, but i found this was pretty outrages. it would be all worth the money if they did taste amazing; however, it was not the case for night market.

grand opening is tomorrow 12/9/2014

things i liked: the pineapple sake slushy, ambience, friendly service.
will i return: very unlikely

December 08, 2014-DSC04996

Night Market
below 48 jfk street
Cambridge, Ma

Night Market on Urbanspoon


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