Yank Sing | Financial District, San Francisco CA

(PorkBelly) This Summer I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco on a Business trip. I got the OK from my boss to take my co-worker to Yank Sing for Dimsum. It was a short walk from our office in the financial district.

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There is inside seating and outside seating. We were seated outside.
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Shanghai Dumpling – A Yank Sing signature dish of minced Kurobuta Pork, scallion and ginger wrapped and steamed in its own aromatic broth.

We started off with some soup dumplings, they were decent. Not Shanghai levels of good (JiaJia)
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Heaven in a cart
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Pork Siu Mye – Hand-chopped shrimp with pork, shiitake mushrooms filling hand-wrapped in fresh pasta skin and hand-formed into a fluted ‘basket.’

Shu Mai 燒賣
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Shrimp Dumpling (Ha Gau) – Hand-chopped shrimp embedded with crunchy bits of sweet winter bamboo shoot tips and fashioned into a bonnet.

Har gow 蝦餃
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Steamed Pork Buns – Warm fluffy bread buns stuffed with nuggets of honey-glazed BBQ pork.

Char Siu Bao 叉燒包
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For Dimsum I always order Chrysanthemum tea. I don’t know why I just like it. Tea wasn’t watered down like most dimsum places.

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My guilty dim sum pleasure, dim purist hate it, but I love it….It’s a bit Americanized

Stuffed Crab Claws – Light and fluffy crab and shrimp mousse croquette encasing a whole snow crab claw, deep-fried until golden brown.

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sweet and sour sauce for the crab claw
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Pork rib – pretty fancy for pork rib at a Dimsum joint. It was good, meat was tender

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Don’t know how to explain this one, tofu skin thing with chicken inside.

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Turnip Cake

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It was a cool San Francisco in May. They were heating lamps placed outside to keep us warm.
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Dessert time
Coconut Cream Roll – A soft sweet rice roll filled with a custard cream filling and topped with coconut flakes.

outside is a coconutty gluttonous wrapper, and the inside is delicious custard filling. I like coconut and I like custard filling, so this was a hit in my book.

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I also ordered a Nai huang Bao, It’s a bun filled with a custard filling

At this restaurant they look like boobs
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Always best when hot
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Overall the dim sum was good. The ingredients are very fresh and clean, everything came out hot and quick like dimsum is supposed to. I got a Americanized vibe from this place, they missed a few dimsum items I love to order i.e Chicken Feet, and 腸粉. It’s rare finding Chinese food like this in a middle of a financial district, so I’ll take it! One major down side is that it’s fucking expensive. I spent almost $100 including tip for all the items pictured. That’s pretty ridiculous for dimsum. Nonetheless I had a food coma went I went back to work…..

Yank Sing
101 Spear St
San Francisco, CA 94105
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One thought on “Yank Sing | Financial District, San Francisco CA

  1. Dim sum in Cali has been a big miss for me than hit. The places I’ve tried here has too much MSG or it lacks flavor. I had dim sum back in Boston at least 4 times while I was home visiting. Maybe one day I’ll check this place out!

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