Costa Rica 2014 Day 5 La Mansion Inn | Manuel Antonio National Park | Naranjo River – Whitewater Rafting | Mar Luna

August 19, 2014-IMG_6386

this is day 5 in manuel antonio costa rica and also the last post of costa rica series. we did stay for 1 more day in costa rica; however, i accidentally deleted all my day 6 pictures 😥

day 5 we went to check out manuel antonio national park in the morning and we did whitewater rafting in the afternoon with Iguana Tours. our schedule was pretty tight and our hotel la mansion inn was very helpful to squeeze two tours in one day for us.

la mansion inn dining room/lobby
August 19, 2014-IMG_6397

we had complimentary breakfast on the balcony
August 19, 2014-IMG_6404

good ocean view
August 19, 2014-IMG_6412

August 19, 2014-IMG_6435

August 19, 2014-IMG_6458

August 19, 2014-IMG_6465

August 19, 2014-IMG_6470

August 19, 2014-IMG_6480

after breakfast, we waited outside to get picked up by the tour guide.
August 19, 2014-IMG_6544

August 19, 2014-IMG_6551

our hotel la mansion inn
August 19, 2014-IMG_6560

August 19, 2014-IMG_6574

August 19, 2014-IMG_6578

August 19, 2014-IMG_6590

after a short ride we arrived to Manuel Antonio National Park. you can come here without a tour or tour guide, but it was a very good idea that we came with one. it was ridiculously hard to spot animals. it took forever for me to find the animals even the tour guide pointed out for me. i probably wont be able to see any otherwise. the tour guide also carries a telescope with him and he can take pictures of the animals for you through the telescope.

August 19, 2014-IMG_6598 August 19, 2014-IMG_6636

August 19, 2014-IMG_6660

August 19, 2014-IMG_6605

August 19, 2014-IMG_6612

August 19, 2014-IMG_6602

August 19, 2014-IMG_6665

August 19, 2014-IMG_6699

August 19, 2014-IMG_6708 August 19, 2014-IMG_6832

August 19, 2014-IMG_6723

August 19, 2014-IMG_6732

August 19, 2014-IMG_6754

August 19, 2014-IMG_6776

August 19, 2014-IMG_6789

August 19, 2014-IMG_6798

August 19, 2014-IMG_6828

August 19, 2014-IMG_6837

August 19, 2014-IMG_6852

August 19, 2014-IMG_6863

August 19, 2014-IMG_6903

August 19, 2014-IMG_6942

August 19, 2014-IMG_6962

August 19, 2014-IMG_6984

it’s a sloth
August 19, 2014-IMG_7018

August 19, 2014-IMG_7049

August 19, 2014-IMG_7077

August 19, 2014-IMG_7177

August 19, 2014-IMG_7242

August 19, 2014-IMG_7251

August 19, 2014-IMG_7291

August 19, 2014-IMG_7312

August 19, 2014-IMG_7317

August 19, 2014-IMG_7325

August 19, 2014-IMG_7335

August 19, 2014-IMG_7343

there’s a beach inside manuel antonio national park and there are a lot white face monkeys on the beach.
August 19, 2014-IMG_7349

August 19, 2014-IMG_7358

August 19, 2014-IMG_7371

August 19, 2014-IMG_7377

August 19, 2014-IMG_7398

August 19, 2014-IMG_7405

August 19, 2014-IMG_7408

August 19, 2014-IMG_7435

August 19, 2014-IMG_7444

August 19, 2014-IMG_7456

August 19, 2014-IMG_7482

August 19, 2014-IMG_7504


bats – so cute

more sloth






after Manuel Antonio National Park, we joined another whitewater rafting on Naranjo River tour with Iguana Tours

August 19, 2014-IMG_7528

August 19, 2014-IMG_7533

August 19, 2014-IMG_7534

August 19, 2014-IMG_7538

August 19, 2014-IMG_7545

August 19, 2014-IMG_7548

August 20, 2014-IMG_7395

August 20, 2014-IMG_7396

after a full day of activities, we went to grab a few drink and relaxed in the hot tub in our hotel. our hotel pool area had a pretty good view of the ocean but too bad i lost all the pictures.
August 20, 2014-IMG_7394

for dinner, i was too lazy to do researches, so we went to Mar Luna which was recommended by a girl that worked in our hotel.
August 19, 2014-IMG_7563

August 19, 2014-IMG_7583

August 19, 2014-IMG_7598

August 19, 2014-IMG_7618

mar luna sits on a hilltop overlooking the treetops and sea coast, but too bad it was pitch black outside.
August 19, 2014-IMG_7629

August 19, 2014-IMG_7637

August 19, 2014-IMG_7667 August 19, 2014-IMG_7721

August 19, 2014-IMG_7762

grilled seafood for two. they dont have this on the menu, so just ask for it. RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS!!!!! i was really mind blown by this grilled seafood platter. probably best grilled seafood ive ever had. they were freshly caught in the morning and grilled over volcanic ash (instead of charcoal). super flavorful and tasty. buttery, juicy, super fresh seafood with a bit of smokiness. this worth the trip to manuel antonio alone. simply amazing!
August 19, 2014-IMG_7777

August 19, 2014-IMG_7798

August 19, 2014-IMG_7814

August 19, 2014-IMG_7822

August 19, 2014-IMG_7840

August 19, 2014-IMG_7850

August 19, 2014-IMG_7859

it was so good we had to get second round of shrimps. was afraid i will never taste something like this ever again.
August 19, 2014-IMG_7864

August 19, 2014-IMG_7882

some flan for desserts
August 19, 2014-IMG_7904

on our way back to our hotel, our cab driver saw a sloth climbing on the power lines and stopped for us to take pictures. it was an amazing night full of surprises.
August 19, 2014-IMG_7931

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  1. Beautiful photography. (Even though I hate insects, the photos are quite good!) Love the area you’re showing us as well as that luxury inn — would love to go there myself! So sorry you deleted your Day 6 photos. Thanks for sharing all of these.

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