Sony A7 + Canon FD 50mm SSC with Fotodiox adapter

Hi All Porkbelly here,

We got a Sony a7 not too long ago and love it. The portability and image quality of the camera is great. We still haven’t bought a native FE mount lens for the camera yet. Manual focusing with this camera has been extremely easy with focus magnification to make sure the pictures are super sharp and focus peaking to let us know when the image is in focus. Our current go to lens is an old Canon FD 50mm S.S.C that has been with my family for a while now.


It’s awesome how the A7 gives new life to old lenses. Here are some shoots from the a7 with the Canon 50mm FD SSC 1.4 in Raw Format unedited….

50mmSSC (1 of 1)

Canon FD lenses offer great value, on the market a FD 50mm 1.4 SSC is around $100 used, compared to the 50mm EF 1.4 which is $250+

50mmSSC (1 of 1)-2

From the Beijing Cat cafe


1.4 gives great Bokeh!


Breakfast in Beijing


At our Wedding planner’s place in Beijing



From our wedding venue.


I feel like the Sony with a manual lens is helping me slow down, focus on the basics of photography instead of my usual pray and spray. Kind of like a Leica at 1/8 the price? So what do you think?

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