Top Bread | Chinatown Boston, MA

December 16, 2014-DSC06120

we were in chinatown today and saw this new top bread bakery (former Bao Bao Bakery location which moved across street). i was never a fan of bao bao bakery because it smelled like bathroom and their bakery/store just looked unappealing to me. unlike bao bao bakery, top bread looks a lot cleaner, bright, and inviting so we went in and checked it out.

December 16, 2014-DSC06098

i assumed today was their opening day?
December 16, 2014-DSC06087

December 16, 2014-DSC06076

December 16, 2014-DSC06073

December 16, 2014-DSC06069

December 16, 2014-DSC06057

i picked up a taro swiss roll and a melon pan for breakfast tmr morning. i havent tasted them yet but they feel nice and soft. will update later.
December 16, 2014-DSC06428-2

77 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02111
b/t Knapp St & Beach St in Chinatown

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