Dong Fang Chuan Dian 東方串店 (一號店)|Palisades Park, NJ

(Porkbelly) Dong Fan Chuan Dian is a DIY Chinese-Korean Skewer joint, like Feng Mao LA or Feng Mao NY Please check out my post on the Feng Mao location in NY for my explanation on the Korean Minority in China.  We rolled up to this spot late at night on the drive down to Washington DC.  Since I’m an absolute fanatic when it comes to meat on a stick, I had to eat here.   This is their 一號店 or number 1 store, indicating that there is another location.  The store in located in Palisades Park NJ, or else known as the Korea town of NJ.

It was a cold ass day, I was looking forward to something warm…

Out came some Pan Chan, some Celery, Kimchi, and a spicy mix for the meat.

Dongfang (1 of 20) Dongfang (1 of 1)

The coals were laid down, this warmed us up real fast

Dongfang (3 of 20)

The first part of our order, some Quail and Mushrooms

Dongfang (4 of 20)

The second part of our order, Lamb, Beef, and sausage skewers

Dongfang (5 of 20)

some more coal action
Dongfang (6 of 20)

We placed the meat over the coals to cook
Dongfang (7 of 20)

After the meat is cooked, it is transferred to the top rack to keep cool
Dongfang (9 of 20)

Garlic they had laying on the table. If you want to eat some raw garlic you can go for it….

Dongfang (10 of 20) Dongfang (19 of 20)

sometimes the juices from the meat would drip down
Dongfang (12 of 20)

and cause this
Dongfang (11 of 20)

Dongfang (13 of 20)

After the meat is cooked, you can dip it in the spice rub

Dongfang (14 of 20)

A few condiments on the table
Dongfang (16 of 20)

Our Quail cooking
Dongfang (18 of 20)

Our Second Quail doing a Bruce Lee Dragon Kick
Dongfang (20 of 20)

Dongfang (8 of 20)

Overall this restaurant was okay. It’s not as good as the flushing carts, but it is open late and on the way to DC if you are rolling down 95, unlike the restaurants in Flushing. The quail was disappointing, not as good as the one in FengMao in K-town LA. The lamb tasted average, nothing too memorable. Service was decent, there seemed to only be one lady working, she was prompt with our food and it came out fast, duh it’s Cook-it-yourself meat. I would only go to this restaurant if I wanted lamb skewers at night and had no means to go to Flushing, Queens.

6 East Columbia Avenue
Palisades Park, NJ 07650

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