Besito Mexican Restaurant | Chestnut Hill, MA

(Porkbelly) We were invited to try out the newly opened Besito Mexican Restaurant opened up in Chestnut Hill mall. The restaurant has a very authentic feeling, upon arrival the staff greets you in Spanish.

December 21, 2014-IMG_6128 December 21, 2014-IMG_6159

The restaurant is large and bustling with a great energy.

December 21, 2014-DSC07108

Very interesting Decor

December 21, 2014-DSC07094

December 21, 2014-DSC07097

December 21, 2014-IMG_5324

We were promptly seated and presented with the menu. Besito has a very expansive menu.

December 21, 2014-IMG_5357 December 21, 2014-IMG_5307

While waiting for our food, we chowed down on some chips. It’s easy to go overboard with chips.

December 21, 2014-IMG_5415

December 21, 2014-IMG_5364 December 21, 2014-IMG_5347

Watermelon Margarita and Besito Patron Margarita

December 21, 2014-IMG_5523 December 21, 2014-IMG_5458

Made Tableside
en Molcajete
Served with warm tortilla chips and salsa de
tomate y jalapeño

Our 1st appetizer

Basically Guacamole made tableside, it is damn good. I definitely recommend this. I could eat this all day

December 21, 2014-DSC07142

December 21, 2014-IMG_5599

December 21, 2014-IMG_5585

2nd Appetizer
Queso Fundido
Baked queso Chihuahua, rajas, chorizo, cilantro, white onion.

Cheesy warm and hits the spot, especially on the extremely cold day we visited.

December 21, 2014-DSC07230

The Queso is served with warm tortillas
December 21, 2014-DSC07204

December 21, 2014-IMG_5759

December 21, 2014-IMG_5786

That cheese action + Carne Asada Tacos

December 21, 2014-IMG_5800 December 21, 2014-IMG_5738

3rd Appetizer

Tacos de Carne Asada*
Grilled marinated skirt steak, organic romaine
lettuce, pico de gallo, chile de arbol salsa, queso

December 21, 2014-IMG_5709
December 21, 2014-IMG_5677

4th Appetizer

Panquesito de Jaiba
Crispy jumbo lump crab cake, roasted habanero
cream sauce, roasted corn salad, cilantro,
queso fresco

December 21, 2014-DSC07185

December 21, 2014-IMG_5638

1st entrée

Filete de Res al Chipotle*
Filet Mignon marinated in Negra Modelo, chipotle quemado salsa, queso Chihuahua,
nopales, plantains, queso fresco

Very tender, cooked perfect, everything on this dish went well.

December 21, 2014-IMG_5872

December 21, 2014-DSC07237

December 21, 2014-IMG_5979

It came with Beans and rice and cheese.

December 21, 2014-DSC07262

December 21, 2014-IMG_6033

For my side I ordered

Elotes de la Calle
Roasted Mexican street corn, queso fresco, chile molido

Bunny is a big corn fan. The combo of sweet and savory is what makes this dish

December 21, 2014-IMG_6008

2nd entrée

Camarones Ajillo
Jumbo shrimp and organic crimini and button mushrooms cooked in a garlic chile
salsa, mashed boniato, pico de gallo

This reminded us a lot of Mofongo in Puerto Rico. Shrimp with a starch base, the shrimp was perfect.

December 21, 2014-IMG_5971

December 21, 2014-IMG_5887

December 21, 2014-DSC07277

At this point we were pretty stuffed. But there is still dessert, the show must go on….



December 21, 2014-DSC07320

December 21, 2014-IMG_6050

My beautiful wife



At the end of the meal the waiter gave us two of these guys
December 21, 2014-IMG_6176

You put them under your pillow and it is supposed to ward off bad spirits.

Overall Besito Mexican is a very welcomed addition to the Chestnut hill area. It serves delicious Mexican food that is fairly priced with a large diversified menu. The restaurant seems like it is doing very well. There was a decent line forming behind the Hostess. I can recommend this restaurant.

Besito Mexican
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Besito - Chestnut Hill on Urbanspoon

*The meal was provided for free all opinions are my own*

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