Cafe Bene | Symphony Hall Boston, MA

(PorkBelly) Cafe Bene is a chain cafe from Korea a la Paris Baguette, tous le jours. They just opened up a spot in Boston near Symphony Hall. We’ve been to locations all over, in NYC, LA, and in China. As with all chains, this one was more or less the same. We went on a Saturday, parking was impossible to find in the area, we circled around for at least a hour until I found a spot, typical for the area. The cafe is across the street from the Kung Fu Tea.

November 08, 2014-IMG_3897

November 08, 2014-IMG_3894

It’s a cozy shop. Since this is near Northeastern University, they were plenty of students “studying.”

They are going for a Library Room theme
November 08, 2014-IMG_3877


November 08, 2014-IMG_3751

November 08, 2014-IMG_3767

Waffle Display

November 08, 2014-IMG_3755

Selection of cakes, they have a Lady M-like crepe cake, and with the usual assortments of tiramisu, sponge cakes, and the like….
November 08, 2014-IMG_3760

caffe bene becomes very popular in asia after appearing on k-dramas… It seems like a great place to hang out.

November 08, 2014-IMG_3862 November 08, 2014-IMG_3852
November 08, 2014-IMG_3827 November 08, 2014-IMG_3887

bingsu – a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red bean paste.November 08, 2014-IMG_3844

chocolate cake

November 08, 2014-IMG_3824

pistachio cheesecake

November 08, 2014-IMG_3785

November 08, 2014-IMG_3813


November 08, 2014-IMG_3805

hazelnut cake

November 08, 2014-IMG_3774

333 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02115
b/t Huntington Ave & St Botolph St
Phone number (617) 982-6688
Business website

Caffé Bene on Urbanspoon

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