Sweet Kingdom | Allston/Brighton Boston, MA

January 24, 2015-DSC00285

sweet kingdom is a new asian dessert place opened on harvard ave couple weeks ago.


they open til 2am everyday!

menu looks like a typical dessert shop in asian such as 满记甜品 honeymoon dessert.

January 24, 2015-DSC00162

January 24, 2015-DSC00169

i like the idea of ordering off a tablet
January 24, 2015-DSC00157

coconut and red bean pudding – this was pretty flavorless and the pudding texture was a bit hard.
January 24, 2015-DSC00214

the mango kingdom – mango, ice cream, coconut milk, sago, grapefruit
maybe mango isnt in season. this was lacking all the mango-y goodness.
i also prefer my 杨枝甘露 clean; didnt really appreciate all the coconut milk, sago, and the ice cream in my 杨枝甘露。
January 24, 2015-DSC00241

durian with coconut sauce
January 24, 2015-DSC00230

i was really excited about sweet kingdom because the menu looked very promising. i love mangos and everything made of mangos. unfortunately, the desserts were rather disappointing. i’d come and try again when mango’s in season perhaps. sweet kingdom still could be a good hanging out spot since they open til 2am in the morning everyday. comparing to yocha in quincy, i liked this better.

January 24, 2015-DSC00175 January 24, 2015-DSC00176-2

Sweet Kingdom
145 Harvard Ave
Boston, MA 02134
b/t Hefferan St & Glenville Ter in Allston/Brighton
Phone number (617) 782-0368

there’s an all you can eat hot pot sushi place opening up on harvard ave in allston right next to garlic lemon and sweet kingdom.


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