Mission Chinese Food NY |Lower East Side NYC, NY

(Porkbelly) I decided to check out the newest outpost of Mission Chinese in NYC. The last location was closed due to a rodent infestation. It was a freezing Sunday in NYC, right before “The Biggest Snow storm to hit NYC.” I’m all about Authentic food of any cuisine, but being raised in America, there is a soft spot in my heart for Americanized Chinese food..

The new location of Mission Chinese Food is located surprisingly close to China Town. It was a Sunday night and the wait was around 1-2 hours! I was hungry and it was absolutely frigid outside, I didn’t want to go anywhere else, I thought I would try my luck at the bar. The bar is first come first serve, so you have to watch the seats like a hawk. Eventually I got a spot at the bar 30 minutes later.

Dongfang (1 of 6)

Dongfang (2 of 6)

The decor of the restaurant, like their food, is a barrage of East Meets West with the East being lucky Cats, Chinese Laterns, “Asian-looking Antiques” and the West, a classic American styled big dinning hall, Chandeliers, and a Brick Pizza oven….

Dongfang (3 of 6)

View from the Bar
Dongfang (4 of 6)

Something is cooking in their Brick Oven……
Dongfang (6 of 6)

At this point I was taking pictures and waiting to be seated, a lady came up to me and asked if I “needed help” and informed me that no pictures are allowed. First thing, I don’t understand why people ask if I need help when they already have an ulterior motive. Secondly, I didn’t see anything anywhere that said pictures were not allowed, on google there is a plethora of dslr quality pictures of their food. I wonder if I was being singled out for whatever reason. With that being said, the food pictures are covertly taken from my iPhone since the said lady was hovering over me watching my every move.

Chongqing Chicken Wings

SPICY dry rubbed fried Wings, the Sichuan Peppercorn gives it that mouth numbing sensation. Spicy, Crispy, mouth numbing sensation, and even a slight hint of sweetness. My favorite dish here.

Dongfang (1 of 5)

Cumin Lamb Ribs

A slight ode to 孜然羊肉. The lamb ribs were a bit too fat for me personally. The lamb is well seasoned with good amounts of cumin but dry and is not fall-off-the-bone tender. The portion is a bit small for the price/ingredients.

Dongfang (2 of 5)

Dongfang (4 of 5)

Complimentary Dumplings….

Dongfang (3 of 5)

Kung Pao Pastrami

What is supposed to be Kung Pao Pastrami, Pastrami cooked a-la Kung Pao. It was unbearably salty, I could not taste anything on the dish besides salt. I ordered a bowl of rice after a few bites and this came 15 Minutes later. The couple sitting to my right at the bar had to return one of their dishes but it was so salty the dish was inedible.

Dongfang (5 of 5)

Mission Chinese is currently one of New York City’s hottest restaurant.  Almost a 2 hour wait on a Sunday night proves that.  You cannot make reservations so waiting is done the old fashion way.   There is a bar next door where people can wait.  The dishes are hit or miss, some are too salty, while others are on point.  Pricing is on the high side for the portions, I ordered 3 dishes and it came out to be over $60 with tip.  Service was also hit or miss, my dishes came promptly, but when I requested a bowl of rice, I had to wait 15 minutes.  There is a brick oven, and I saw something like that looked like flat bread coming out of it, I would try an oven item if I ever decide to come back.

Mission Chinese
171 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002

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2 thoughts on “Mission Chinese Food NY |Lower East Side NYC, NY

  1. Never knew there was an NY location. I’ve been to the SF location once and it was good. I had also tried the tea smoked eel and the thrice cooked bacon and rice cakes. Not too bad. The lamb ribs was awesome! The NY location looks so much better than the SF one. The one in SF is very small and tight, plus there’s no signage saying Mission Chinese Food anywhere.

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