Clay Pot Cafe | Chinatown Boston, MA

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clay pot cafe is a small restaurant in chinatown that specializes 煲仔饭 ‘clay pot rice’. it’s a rice dish thats cooked in a clay pot and served with different kinds meat, vegetables, and Chinese charcuterie. the clay pot keeps the moisture and seals all the nutrients inside because it is surrounded by steam, creating a tender, flavorful dish and you also get slightly crispy bits of rice at the bottom of the pot.
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November 28, 2014-DSC03030-2


abalone, mushrooms, chinese sausage, greens with rice.

November 28, 2014-DSC03033-2

November 28, 2014-DSC03050


chicken and mushroom with rice. kinda dry and lacked flavors.

November 28, 2014-DSC03045-2

wasnt the best clay pot rice ive had entire life, but the abalone with chinese sausages one was still pretty satisfying. cash only. they were more expensive than we expected. we didnt get enough cash the first time so we had go get cash again; total came to about 50 bux for two clay pot dishes. the restaurant also serve dishes other than jus clay pot rice dishes.
November 28, 2014-DSC03018

Clay Pot Cafe
74 Kneeland St
Boston, MA 02111
b/t Hudson St & Tyler St in Chinatown
Phone number (617) 357-5262
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