Bassanova Ramen | Chinatown NYC, NY

(PorkBelly) Bassanova Ramen is a NYC outpost of a Tokyo based Ramen Ya. It’s been cold as hell in NYC lately + being bombarded with snow storm after snow storm I felt like ramen was the perfect thing to warm me up. Interestingly, Bassnova is in the heart of Chinatown, not typical of most Ramen shops. I wonder how they fare compared against much cheaper and larger portions of mainly Cantonese restaurants in the area in attracting customers. I was curious how this Tokyo Transplant would do in NYC so I met up my friend there.

The restaurant is subterranean
BossaNova (23 of 23)

The large glass windows make you feel like you’re not actually underground.
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There is one huge communal table in the center
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and some 2 sets on the side
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I took a seat at the bar, first thing I noticed was the extra long chopsticks…

BossaNova (12 of 23)

and large pepper mills

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They have an interesting assortment of bowls, they use some bowls with certain dishes

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I was told the bowls are imported from Japan…..

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The extra long chopsticks again, with a wood れんげ

BossaNovaEdit2x (1 of 1)

Sizzling Hot Iron-Pan Stick Dumplings
filling: berkshire pork, chives, chinese cabbage, garlic, scallion

First order of business was the gyoza

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Gyoza was pan fried perfected, but a bit too oily. It was still delicious, berkshire (かごしま黒豚) pork is my favorite type of hog and I’m a big fan of chives!
BossaNovaEdit2x (3 of 13)

the insides

BossaNovaEdit2x (6 of 13)

BossaNovaEdit2x (7 of 13)

Tondaku Ramen
berkshire pork tonkotsu soup. topping with: porkloin chashu, kikurage mushroom, fried ginger onion, crushed sesame, nori, and scallion

My friend got this, the soup has incredible depth, I think anything made with berkshire pork is heaven on earth……

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This one comes with thin Sun Noodles.
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Tondaku Wadashi Green Curry Ramen
berkshire pork gonkotsu & green curry soup. topping with: grilled porkloin chashu, mixed green, shrimp, okra, red pepper

I went for their famous Green Curry Ramen, made famous from their home restaurant in Japan.. My friend tried some of the soup and was instantly jealous. I thought this would taste like a Thai soup like at Tabata, I was pleasantly surprised. The soup is a perfect blend of Ramen broth and Thai ingredients, the spiciness is just right for flavor not for effect. I could slurp this soup for days…… Oh and the Chasu is melt in your mouth goodness…..

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This came with thicker Sun Noodles. The bowl was cool, I heard people drink the broth from the more rounded edge.

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BossaNova (8 of 23)

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Final thoughts, Bassanova is a damn fine establishment, especially if you are in Chinatown and want non Chinese food. I definitely recommend the Green Curry Broth. The portions are on the small size, well for an average American. Luckily they are dirt cheap Chinese establishments nearby if you are still hungry. Service is prompt and attentive. I would definitely come here again to try out other items on the Menu. I’m glad establishments like this and Ivan Ramen made there way across the Ocean to NYC.

Bassanova Ramen
76 Mott St
New York, NY 10013

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4 thoughts on “Bassanova Ramen | Chinatown NYC, NY

  1. It’s good to hear service is back on the ball at Bassanova…I remember going when it first opened (several times per week!) and everything was amazing! Great broth, great service, everything prompt. Then last year things took a dip, I went for lunch and portions were…smaller. When it first opened, I could barely finish my ramen bowl. Now I found myself still hungry afterwards (I see this hasn’t changed in your review, sadly). Service was bad…things weren’t getting out of the kitchen, the place was full but poorly seated (1 or 2 people groups were taking up 4 people tables with many unseated people waiting, wait staff should plan ahead or is a ramen shop after all), and even once we sat down it took forever for our own food to arrive. Staff was completely different from the faces I remember in the initial weeks. This was probably exceptionally bad service since we later saw some important looking Japanese man scold some staff in the back, and we got some of our meal comped.

    Sorry I kinda ranted…I’m very happy to hear service is back to being good, because they’re one of my favorite spots!

  2. Thanks for your insight! I was there on a Tuesday night, so the restaurant wasn’t that packed. The kids working there was sitting around and taking to each other. I’m curious to see how this place is run during peak times on a weekend.

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