Beard Papa’s opens in Chinatown | Boston ビアード・パパ

May 04, 2015-IMG_8808-2

Beard Papa’s is an international chain of cream puff shops started in Japan which has over 250 stores in Japan and 300 worldwide.

May 04, 2015-IMG_8868

they sell choux pastry shells filled with cream custard in flavors such as vanilla, green tea, chocolate, and strawberry etc.

May 04, 2015-IMG_8773-2

May 04, 2015-IMG_8846-2 May 04, 2015-IMG_8851-2

May 04, 2015-IMG_8779-2

a beard papa’s store jus opened in chinatown by the same group of people who own cha time. today was their soft opening.
May 04, 2015-IMG_8787-2

May 04, 2015-IMG_8838-2

May 04, 2015-IMG_8900

May 04, 2015-IMG_8875

May 04, 2015-IMG_8887

my fave one is the eclair chocolate covered one with vanilla fillings. i wish they start to offer ice cream fillings soon.

soft opening: 3PM-7PM, Mon-Thu (May4th-7th)!

Unit A 31 Harrison Ave
Boston, Massachusetts


5 thoughts on “Beard Papa’s opens in Chinatown | Boston ビアード・パパ

  1. Looks clean but in the Chinatown San Francisco, the place would be dirty. Also it looks a bit like the malasadas in Hawaii which has cream or chocolate fillings.

    Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 02:03:04 +0000

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