New Dong Khanh | Chinatown Boston, MA

May 04, 2015-IMG_8908 May 04, 2015-IMG_8914

ive been coming to new dong khanh for bubble tea and vietnamese coffee for years, but never tried their food. last night, we finally ate at new dong khanh for the 1st time ever.

May 04, 2015-IMG_8920

Com ga xao xa ot – vietnamese lemongrass chicken is my fave viet dish. i was surprised how good the com ga xao xa ot was at New Dong Khanh. super tender and tasty. the best ive had in boston chinatown
May 04, 2015-IMG_8964

May 04, 2015-IMG_8985-2

May 04, 2015-IMG_8951-2

Bánh hỏi (rice vermicelli) with grilled beef
May 04, 2015-IMG_8999-2

wrapping in rice papers
May 04, 2015-IMG_9042

May 04, 2015-IMG_9014-2

the two dishes we ordered at New Dong Khanh were really good; we cant wait to come back and try their pho.
May 04, 2015-IMG_8943

81 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02111
b/t Beach St & Knapp St
Phone number (617) 426-9410
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3 thoughts on “New Dong Khanh | Chinatown Boston, MA

  1. This is also my friend’s family’s restaurant! I’ve had pho here a couple of times. It’s not too bad. My preferred spot in Chinatown was always Pho Hoa.

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