Two Angel’s Share Locations in NYC | East Village New York, NY

did you know there are two angel’s share locations in new york city?!


angel’s share is a speakeasy-style japanese bar in east village. although it’s hidden behind an unmarked wooden door inside a restaurant, angel’s share is an award winning bar that has been featured on TVs and magazines. it’s even rated as one of the best bars in america by GQ magazine.

last weekend, i was in nyc visiting my friend michelle. she said she has been to the bar before so she knows exactly where it is. i didnt bother to look up the address; all i knew was to find the secret wooden door on the 2nd floor of a japanese restaurant. we walked by Sharaku at 14 Stuyvesant St and michelle told me the entrance to angel’s share is somewhere around there. well she didnt remember where exactly it was like she said but Sharaku fits the description: it’s a japanese restaurant and there are stairs to the second floor. we walked to the second floor and there was a wooden door. we opened the woonden door and there was a bar inside! looked kinda like the pictures online but only a lot less packed.


michelle thought it looked different than what she remembered. we got seated immediately on a friday night; maybe they are not as popular, i thought in my head. the host handed me the drink menu which was consisted of all whiskey drinks. i was like fml i dont drink whisky at all. i asked the bartender if they had any non whiskey drinks; he told me there are actually two angel’s share locations and this one specializes in whiskey. the other location is a few doors down the street inside Village Yokocho restaurant at 8 Stuyvesant St; he recommended us to check out the other one since they were about to close anyway. Who knew there are two angel’s shares!

i left angel’s share at Sharaku and headed to Village Yokocho down the street. we went to the 2nd floor and there’s a wooden door right next to the stairs which was the entrance of angel’s share.


it’s a no-standing room where only groups of four or fewer will be seated, a rule that is strictly enforced. i put my name down with the host and we were seated after a few mins wait.

Untitled Untitled

May 02, 2015-DSC04045

May 02, 2015-DSC04012

they have an extensive selection of wine, sake, whiskey, tequila, rum, gin, and even japanese vodka and there’s a little story behind every drink.

i started with a cocktail called cheek to cheek. it’s made of bacardi superior rum, mixed berries, white cranberry juice, balsamic honey, vincotto and topped with yogurt & mascarpone espuma. it was really delicious and tasted like a berry yogurt.
May 02, 2015-DSC04031-2

michelle picked the cold buttered rum – brown butter infused rum, amaro, pedro ximenez sherry, milk with cinnamon and vanilla tincture
it looks pretty delicious on paper, but unfortunately it tasted nothing like the description. tasted more like chinese medicine but worse. we both had a sip and couldnt take another one.

May 02, 2015-DSC04034

if you can’t drink or not in mood for alcohol, they also offer mocktails and food. I wasn’t feeling adventurous because Michelle’s drink tasted like shit. this mocktail caught my eye because it also has mascarpone in it. i asked if they could make it with alcohol and they agreed to put some vodka in it. it tasted pretty much similar to the cheek to cheek i had earlier but with a peach flavor instead of berry. michelle说喝起来像黄桃大果粒酸奶还行
May 02, 2015-DSC04069

i enjoyed angel’s share. i appreciated it was quiet enough to carry a conversation without yelling at each other. they play soft jazz and the atmosphere is very laid back. i walked in with my sweatpants after my long drive from boston to NY and felt completely comfortable. the two drinks i picked were delicious; however, i wasnt blown away by my experience at angel’s share maybe i expected too much of it. i still hope to return soon with pork belly; i would like to try some other drinks especially mezcal and japanese vodka as well as their food. i hope to sit at the bar so i can watch the japanese bartender make the drinks. if you like whisky, you can try the whisky drinks at Angel’s Share Sharaku location, which is not nearly as packed as the Village Yokocho location.

Angel’s Share at Village Yokocho
8 Stuyvesant St
New York, NY 10003
b/t 12th St & 11th St
East Village

Angel’s Share at Sharaku (specializes in whisky only)
14 Stuyvesant St
New York, NY 10003
b/t 9th St & 3rd Ave
East Village

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