HARBS | Chelsea New York, NY

May 02, 2015-DSC04198

harbs is a japanese cafe that serves fresh cakes, sandwiches, tea, and coffee.

iced cafe au lait – harbs original manhattan blend medium roasted coffee served over cold milk.

May 02, 2015-DSC04204 May 02, 2015-DSC04219

mille crepes – six layers of thin crepes filled with fresh fruits and mixed cream. a lot of people compare this to lady m;’s mille crepes cake. i think they are completely different in terms of taste and texture. this mille crepe cake tasted more like an asian cake, airy, light, not as sweet. lady m’s mille crepes cake is rich, thick, and much sweeter.
May 02, 2015-DSC04223

marron cake – layers of white sponge, chestnut, sweet potato cream, and crushed chestnut with a hint rum. at first i was worried the rum being too overwhelming, but it was really jus a hint of rum like the description. you could barely taste it. as a chestnut lover, this was heaven. very rich, sweet and full of chestnuts.
May 02, 2015-DSC04267

May 02, 2015-DSC04270 May 02, 2015-DSC04286

Desserts, Coffee & Tea, Tea Rooms
198 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011
b/t 22nd St & 23rd St
Phone number (646) 336-6888

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