The MeltShop | Washington D.C.

The MeltShop is an NYC grilled cheese chain that has now transplanted itself into Washington D.C and conveniently right near my company’s Washington D.C office….

On this particular day during lunch, it was the first day the shop opened. It was completely packed, I barely had room to move, but service was as expected as a “fast food” place and was prompt. They offer a wide selection of different grilled cheese sandwiches. Although the debate of “if the filling of a grilled cheese sandwhich is not cheese, is it still grilled cheese?” thoughts are lingering in my mind, I will for this post not get into it….

theMeltShop (1 of 9)

theMeltShop (2 of 9)

theMeltShop (3 of 9)

theMeltShop (4 of 9)

The usual condiments

theMeltShop (5 of 9)

theMeltShop (7 of 9)

I went with a Hamburger Grilled cheese

theMeltShop (8 of 9)

It was good for a quick lunch bite.

theMeltShop (9 of 9)

Tomato soup on the side for my grilled cheese.

Overall, it’s good for a lunch bite if you can stand the line. Everything is made to order and there is a decent sized menu, so if you want something that is not microwaved I recommend the melt shop. For some reason I can never pull myself together to order a real grilled cheese, it just seems like a rip off for something you can make at home for less than $3……

The Melt Shop
1901 L St NW,
Washington, DC 20036


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