Ogawa Coffee 小川珈琲 | Downtown Boston, MA

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the 1st Ogawa Coffee shop outside of japan just opened in downtown boston on friday. barista Haruna Murayama, 2010 World Latte Art Champion, is now working at the boston location. they serve a full menu from coffee, teas, smoothies, aeropress, to breakfast, salads, sandwiches, ice creams. a selection of coffee beans and coffee makers are also available for purchase at the shop.

latte art  – they do latte arts on cappuccinos and their signature drink combo. if you order the signature drink combo, most likely Haruna Murayama will personally make a more elaborated latte art for you. from my observation, the latte arts on cappuccinos are a lot more simple.

food– we ordered a shrimp, avocado, tomato tartine, an OC morning special with egg bacon and shokupan toast which came with salad and house blend coffee (kyoto), and a sundae with coffee jelly and corn flakes. they were pretty delicious especially my shrimp avocado tartine. the shrimps were nice, big, plump and fresh.

drinks – the house blend kyoto coffee was smooth, but still a little bit too acidic for me. the latte, cappuccino, and matcha smoothie we ordered were all delicious.

service – service is always something that doesnt translate well to america. some staff looked completely lost and was giving me wrong information. perhaps they are still working out the kinks on the 2nd day of opening.

Ogawa Coffee
10 Milk St
Boston, MA 02108
Phone number (617) 780-7139


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