Tartufi and Friends |Princi | Duomo | Milano, Italy | Euro-Asia Trip Part 1

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this is the 1st post of our europe-asia trip in march 2015.

our trip to europe had a rough start. i almost had a heart attack when pork belly called me from boston and told me that his flight was canceled due to Lufthansa pilots’ strike. i was already checked in to my flight to milan and waiting to board in newark. we didnt fly together because pork belly used his united miles and redeemed united’s partner flight, Lufthansa. i was freaking out because the next Lufthansa flight to milan was unknown and i was about to fly to a foreign continent and possibly to be stuck there by myself, not to mention our whole trip couldve been ruined.

i told pork belly to go to united counter and ask to change flight since he booked with united miles. after so many tries, pork belly finally got a flight to europe and he had to make two transfers in europe to get to milan. he got me a british hello kitty while he was london 🙂

i arrived to milan about 10am in the morning. fortunately, i have a childhood friend that lives in milan so we decided to meet up. i took a train from the airport to Cadorna station. while i was waiting for my friend, i walk around the area.

i stumbled upon Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco) and walk around the courtyard. there are a few black men holding bunch of homemade bracelets colored string trying to scam people. they would try to trick you into taking their bracelets and ask you for money as soon as you take it (usually 20 euros). one black guy approached me and tried to give me one of his bracelet. he told me it was free; i told him no and kept walking because ive read about this scam. he followed me and forced it to put it on my arm. i moved my arm so the bracelet fell on the ground. the black guy got pretty mad and started to yell at me. i knew it was a scam so i jus walked off. ive seen this scam all throughout europe. do not take anything (bracelets, bird food) from any stranger; it’s all scam.

i finally met up with my friend and she took me to Princi Bakery near Duomo. it’s a bakery/cafe. i chatted over some pastries and coffee for a few hours til she had to head to work. we decided to meet again later for dinner before our train to venice.

i walked around the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II trying to kill time. pork belly finally arrived around 4pm and we visited the duomo again together. we bought tickets to go to the top of the duomo, then visited inside the duomo which was free.

my friend took us to tartufi and friends for dinner. as we were stepping in, i could already tell this place wasnt gonna be good. 1st of all, its a chain. it was dinner time, but the entire restaurant was empty. then it specializes in truffles. most of their dishes features truffles. all of our food tasted kinda blah; the truffles werent too good either and of course the meal wasnt cheap.

after the disappointing dinner, we headed to Milano Centrale to catch our train to Venice.

milan was our least favorite place that we visited on this trip. it was depressing, not much to do there. so many pickpockets and beggars everywhere. we felt like everyone was trying to trick us or taking money from us. the impressions of the beggars were scary especially the Gipsy women. we couldnt wait to get out of milan and were glad we didnt stay there for the night.

Via Speronari 6
20123 Milan
Centro Storico
Phone number +39 02 874797

Tartufi & Friends
Corso Venezia 18
20121 Milan
Phone number +39 02 76394031


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