Townsman | Boston, MA

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i booked my reservation through an app called Reserve. they are a digital concierge service from the co-founder of Uber that covers everything from booking great tables for lunch and dinner, to facilitating in-app payment– preventing guests from ever having to wait for a check.

the Reserve app is very easy to use and they partner up with many of the hottest restaurants in town.

Chef Matt Jennings closed their James Beard Award nominated restaurant Farmstead in Providence and opened Townsman in downtown boston. it was one of the most anticipated openings earlier this year.

i was surprised that it was pretty empty on a saturday when we stepped in. the menu was very uncreative and consisted of very limited choices. we had a hard time picking out entrees because most of them look unattractive (carrots pasta, chicken leg or hanger steak anyone?).

we ordered:
new england charcuterie with townsman salami and duck capicola
scallop ceviche – strawberry, avocado, verjus
roasted lamb ribs – fennel & brown sugar cure, cucumbers a la plancha, black barley
suckling pig – stone fruit, mascarpone johnnycake, charred rabe

the lamb ribs were ridiculously salty, but it was also sweet. the dry rub spices jus tasted very weird, not good at all.

the suckling pig was consisted of pork pate and pork belly. the pork belly was rubbery wtf?

we thought the food was pretty terrible and the total came to $168 with two glasses wine and a coke. wtf lol

service was pretty good until we mentioned the lamb was super salty to our waiter and all he said was ok ill let the chef know.

never again.

* i received $50 credit from Reserve for trying out the app. use code EYNEUR to get $20 credit if you would like to try out the app.

120 Kingston St
Boston, MA 02111
b/t Avenue De Lafayette & Edinboro St
Phone number (617) 993-0750

7 thoughts on “Townsman | Boston, MA

  1. Thank you for confirming my experience! I wrote something extremely similar to your review. This place was such a disappointment and sooo expensive! It is really too bad that Townsman is not living up Chef Matt Jennings’ potential.

    1. haha, yea the food was super bad. no wonder the restaurant was empty on a saturday night. with so many new restaurant opening up in boston, i dont think they can survive by serving this kind of food with this price tag.

  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad dinner experience, it’s always so frustrating when that happens.

    But is that soup in the tin can in the pictures?

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