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green zone specializes in organic asian dishes and pastas.

we stopped by one day after seeing crazy lines outside the green zone and good reviews online, but it was a huge mistake.

we ordered:
Salmon Triangles 鮭魚脆酥
Crispy fried triangles stuffed with fresh salmon mousse; served with wasabi dipping sauce.

Mini Spicy Wontons 紅油抄手
Savory shrimp & pork wontons served in our special spicy sauce.

Asian Grilled Pork Chop -香烤豬扒飯
Pork chop marinated to perfection with lemongrass, Asian herbs and spices, then grilled and served with fresh vegetables and steamed white rice.

Beef Sukiyaki - 日式牛肉鍋
Sizzling popular Japanese-style hot pot served with beef and a variety of organic vegetables, topped with fried egg and steamed white rice on the side.

Organic Hainan Chicken Rice - 有機海南雞飯
Poached organic boneless, skinless chicken over lemongrass flavored rice, served with ground ginger scallion paste, garlic chilli sauce & sweet soy sauce.

the salmon triangles and mini spicy wontons tasted ok, but the beef sukiyaki and hainan chicken were pretty bad. the beef sukiyaki was a joke, the broth tasted super bland, everything was tasteless, and the beef tasted old. The hainan chicken didnt taste fresh either, the chicken was not tender. some people commented online saying hainan chicken at green zone is just as good as the ones at savoy kitchen, they must been high or something, because the hainan chicken at green zone is not even comparable to savoy kitchen’s hainan chicken.

i know green zone is trying to go for that organic/healthy trend, but healthy food can still taste good. the service at green zone was equally bad, it took a few calls to the waitress to get PorkBelly’s tea refilled.

due to high popularity of the green zone, i left the restaurant puzzled.

BNPB rating: ♥♥

♥ terrible, ♥♥ below average, ♥♥♥ average, ♥♥♥♥ good, ♥♥♥♥♥ excellent

Green Zone
534 E Valley Blvd
Ste 4-5
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Get Directions
Phone number (626) 288-9300

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