Name City State Category Recommend? Tips More visits
Daikaya  Washington DC Japanese ramen
Daikaya Izakaya Washington DC Japanese
Georgetown Cupcake  Washington DC Desserts/Café
Izakaya Seki Washington DC Japanese YES
Kushi Izakaya & Sushi Washington DC Japanese
Rialto DC Washington DC Italian
Sprinkles Cupcakes Washington DC Desserts/Café YES
Sushi Taro Washington DC Japanese YES
The MeltShop Washington DC American
The Sweet Lobby  Washington DC Desserts/Café YES CUPCAKE HEAVEN
Toki Underground Ramen Washington DC Chinese
Amherst Brewing Company Amherst MA American bar
Antonio’s Amherst MA American pizza
Fresh Side Amherst MA Asian Fusion teahouse/food
FroyoWorld Amherst MA Café/Bakery/Desserts
Pabu  Baltimore MD Japanese
Eventide Oyster Co Portland ME American seafood
Pai Men Miyake Portland ME Japanese ramen 2nd visit
Dong Fang Chuan Dian 東方串店 (一號店) Palisades Park NJ Korean/Chinese
HARBS  Chelsea NY Desserts/Café YES
Bassanova Ramen Chinatown NY Japanese
Hi-Collar East Village NY Japanese coffee/tea/desserts
Ippudo Ny East Village NY Japanese YES
Minca Ramen Factory East Village NY Japanese
Minca Ramen Factory East Village NY Japanese
Momofuku Noodle Bar East Village NY Japanese
SobaKoh East Village NY Japanese soba
Two Angel’s Share East Village NY Bar YES
Feng Mao BBQ Flushing NY BBQ
Fu Run Flushing NY Chinese YES
Golden Shopping Mall Flushing NY Food Court
Manji Dessert Flushing NY Desserts/Café
New World Mall Food Court Flushing NY Food Court more
Xinjiang BBQ Cart Flushing NY Street Vendor
XinJiang BBQ Lamb Carts Flushing NY Street Vendor YES
New Wonjo Restaurant Koreatown NY Korean
BCD Tofu House Koreatown, NY NY Korean YES
Ivan Ramen Lower East side NY Japanese
Mission Chinese Food NY Lower East side NY Asian Fusion
Aquavit Midtown NY Scandinavian
Sushi Yasuda Midtown NY Japanese
Mitsuwa Marketplace NJ New Jersey NY Grocery Store YES
Bisous Ciao New York NY Desserts/Café Macarons
Chicken and Rice New York NY Food Truck
Ladurée New York NY Desserts/Café macarons
Lady M Cake Boutique New York NY Desserts/Café YES crepe cakes
Nan Xiang Dumpling House New York NY Chinese YES
Sakagura  New York NY Japanese YES
Sushi Nakazawa New York NY Japanese YES
Tabata Ramen New York NY Japanese
The Boil New York NY Cajun/Seafood
The Boil  New York NY American
The Shakespeare New York NY American
Totto Ramen New York NY Japanese
Yakitori Totto New York NY Japanese
Yuji Ramen New York NY Japanese
Eight Turn Crepes SOHO NY Desserts/Café
Eight Turn Crepes SOHO NY Desserts/Café
Japadog St. Marks NY Japanese hot dogs
Yakitori Taisho St. Marks NY Japanese
Dinosaur BBQ Syracuse NY American yes bbq
Funk ‘n Waffles Syracuse NY American salmon waffles
Steak & Sundae Syracuse NY American breakfast
Three Brothers Wineries and Estates Syracuse NY Winery yes
Unique Tea House Syracuse NY Café/Bakery/Desserts yes teahouse
Shake Shack Time Square NY American burger
A&J Annandale VA Chinese YES
Honey Pig Annandale VA Korean
Kogiya Korean BBQ  Annandale VA Korean YES
Lighthouse Tofu/Vit Goel Tofu Annandale VA Korean YES
Seoul Soondae Annandale VA Korean
Shilla Bakery Annandale VA Desserts/Café YES
Tanpopo Ramen House  Annandale VA Japanese
To Sok Jip  Annandale VA Korean YES
Ford’s Fish Shack  Ashburn VA Seafood
Sichuan Village Chantilly VA Chinese
L’Auberge Chez Francois Great Falls VA French YES
2941 Restaurant VA VA American YES more visits
Bangkok 54 VA VA Thai
Chasin’ Tails Crawfish VA VA Seafood
District Taco VA VA Mexican
Guapo’s Restaurant VA VA Mexican
Mala Tang VA VA Chinese
Michel Patisserie VA VA Desserts/Café
Supper Club of India VA VA Indian
Maple Ave Restaurant Vienna VA Asian Fusion
Silva’s Patisserie Vienna VA Desserts/Café

13 thoughts on “U.S.

  1. Brunch at Tabard Inn in sinful. DC also has the biggest Ethiopian population in the US so those restaurants are supposed to be amazing (although I’ve never been to one)

  2. If you or your boyfriend like BBQ and find yourself in the Hampton Roads area, I would suggest Hog Wild in Toano, VA (about halfway between Richmond and Newport News). Keep the VA posts coming!

  3. When I saw your picture I thought you were one of my in-laws children. I read some more and saw you were a double major and I was almost convinced, but Shi-lin studied languages. However, just because we’re not distantly related doesn’t mean I won’t follow back.

    I grew up in Falls Church, VA, I still have great memories of the area. Is the Florida Ave. Grill still there? The Tombs or 1789 and Old Ebbits?

    Thanks for visiting and following.

  4. There used to be a wonderful little Chinese place in Falls Church that had the most amazing pork broth-based house soup.When we questioned an ingredient,(translucent, semi-crispy), the waiter went bug-eyed and said it was a seaweed, ‘very healthy for you’. I searched for years for this ‘seaweed’ which no one I asked ever heard of.Some years ago I was watching a cooking show and there was the ‘seaweed’.I called my mother; she nearly choked , although it had been over 15 years since she’d eaten the soup.The ingredient was jellyfish.I was fine with it.

  5. Shilla’s is wonderful! If you’re in northern Virginia again, try Rafagino’s in Burke. Freshly made pasta and they have a wonderful shrimp app with smoked mozzarella that is delicious!

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