Alden & Harlow | Harvard Square Cambridge, MA


one of the most anticipated openings this winter was alden & harlow by chef Michael Scelfo who used to work for Russell House Tavern.


the restaurant is pretty spacious.




it was a rough start of the night: not only we were fighting on the way there, we got seated next to the crazy bright green exit light which pretty much f’ed up all my pictures. they were also out of my fave mezcal drink and the lamb sirloin dish i really really wanted.

pickled green beans
February 09, 2014-IMG_0478

MARKET CRUDO (Cauliflower Kimchee, Chili Oil, Uni Aioli)
February 09, 2014-IMG_0494

Skate Cheeks – delish, buttery.
February 09, 2014-IMG_0526

ISLAND CREEK OYSTER GRATIN (Uni, Creamed Leeks & Guanciale)
February 09, 2014-IMG_0590

CLAMS FROM PAT WOODBURY (Smoked Pig Tail, Parsley & Chile Toast) – i usually dont care for clams, but i really enjoyed this one. the smoked pig tail def adds another layer of flavors.
February 09, 2014-IMG_0607

February 09, 2014-IMG_0559

WOOD ROASTED BEEF NECK (Parsnips, Vinegar, Radishes)
February 09, 2014-IMG_0640

CHICKEN FRIED LOCAL RABBIT (Celery, Apple, Blue Cheese, Chili Oil)
February 09, 2014-IMG_0659

CRISPY BERKSHIRE PORK BELLY (Cold Smoked Grits, Roasted Kumquat, Earl Grey Cure) – anything you wish for in a piece of pork belly although i thought the skin couldve been not so hard.
February 09, 2014-IMG_0677

GRILLED FOIE GRAS (Spiced Fruit, Sherry Vinegar, Warm Crumpet)
February 09, 2014-IMG_0696

SECRET BURGER (Our 8oz House Creekstone Grind, Your Faith, House Made Roll) – ugh pork belly also has to order the burger. nothing special
February 09, 2014-IMG_0725

February 09, 2014-IMG_0763

ROASTED PARSNIP COBBLER (Ginger Ice Cream, Blueberries, Star Anise)
February 09, 2014-IMG_0744

i really liked the ambience, very spacious but still cozy and casual. service was ok. i just remembered the mushrooms i ordered never came as im writing this post. anyways, we def enjoy all of our small plates, all very solid and well executed. BUT we all hated the desserts. i really didnt want to order any desserts because none of them looked appealing to me but pork belly really insisted. the cheese was passable i guess, how can you hate cheese, but the roasted parsnip cobbler was terrible. i couldnt even swallow it. if you are not into ‘salty desserts’ either and still craving some sweet endings to the dinner, i suggest walking down the street to LA Burdick Chocolate. for the most part, it was an enjoyable dinner and i ll def come back to try the mezcal drink and lamb dish soon.

Alden & Harlow
40 Brattle St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Harvard Square
Phone number (617) 864-2100

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