Belle Isle Seafood | Winthrop, MA Boston

a fan of anthony bourdain or no reservations? then you probably know about belle isle seafood as featured in no reservations season 7 in boston ep. the show is entertaining to watch for sure, but are they really the best restaurants in town or representative of the city? not so much. ive been to some of places in beijing, hong kong and vancouver that were featured in no reservations, there are def better places to eat, easily.

anyways we did check out belle isle seafood as my friend suggested. it’s on water, but we couldnt see much at night. (they moved since no reservations was filmed)

January 12, 2014-IMG_8658

belle isle

not too much ambiance to this place; it felt like a huge cafeteria.
January 12, 2014-IMG_8680

you order here and pick it up when food is ready.
January 12, 2014-IMG_8708

January 12, 2014-IMG_8704

January 12, 2014-IMG_8724

we just ordered some fried seafood
January 12, 2014-IMG_8808

January 12, 2014-IMG_8751

lobster roll (pictured half). lightly dressed with mayonnaise. the bread was toasted and i appreciated how little skin was on the bread
January 12, 2014-IMG_8791

January 12, 2014-IMG_8800

belle isle was decent but not destination worthy.

Belle Isle Seafood
One Main St
Winthrop, MA 04364
Phone number (617) 567-1619

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5 thoughts on “Belle Isle Seafood | Winthrop, MA Boston

  1. You need to try the lobster roll at Matunuck Oyster Bar in South Kingstown, RI. It’s a bit far from Boston, but it’s near the beach, so it could be a nice day trip in the summer. The lobster roll is incredible and they farm their own fresh local oysters. The oysters are good and unique although not necessarily the best. The lobster roll though is top notch.

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