Mitsuwa Marketplace NJ + Golden Shopping Mall + New World Mall Food Court @ Flushing Queens, NY

Saturday, i went to new york to pick up my ‘new’ car and meet up with pork belly.

every time we are in new york or new jersey we have to stop by mitsuwa. it’s the largest japanese supermarket in the U.S. we love this place. good and cheap food. JDM groceries, cosmetics, magazines, toys!!

food from the food court:

curry beef + rice

cold udon

this is best green latte ive had in the US!!

every saturday they have something different that they sell in the food court. this time they were selling these mochi stuff.

not bad

bun i got from the bakery inside mitsuwa

jdm chocolate candies, cosmetics, hair products, vivi magazine, and pork belly’s sexy leg!

i love hada labo products, so cheap and so good! hada labo masks are probably the best masks ive ever used besides sk-II. ya but sk-ii is 10 times the price.

two cool toys

next top we went to flushing aka my fave spot on this land! driving to flushing is so much easier than taking the subway! plenty of parking garages. we stayed about 3 hrs and it was only 10 bux.

right after we parked our cart. we spotted this chuan er place!!! chuan ers from flushing are even better than the ones from beijing. the meat is super juicy!! i guess they use better meat here. i freakin love love this bbq lamb/beef/chicken cart!!!!

this is a diff cart than we had last time.

located @ 39th ave + main st.

pork belly managed to talk to them in chinese. so impressive!

next stop, we went to the xi’an famous foods @ golden shopping mall which Anthony Bourdain went to.
the golden shopping mall food court is in the basement. pretty ghetto and smelly, but i ll suck it up for the good food.

we got the famous lamb burger which they made on the spot.

me + lamb burger. the lamb burger is different than what i had in china. it is very oily but super flavorful. the meat is super juicy and tender! like x 10000

we wanted to try their noodles, but we were getting too full after mitsuwa and lamb chuan ers. we still wanted to go to the new world mall for more food.

on the way to new world mall food court, i saw a shop that sold chestnuts! my fave snack in beijing! i love chestnuts!!!!

considering it is not in season for chestnuts, these are pretty sweet!!!

we arrived to the new world mall food court with a full stomach. it is much cleaner than the golden shopping mall. much more pleasant dinning environment.

we saw a lady was making soup dumplings, so we decided to try some. we ordered the crab meat flavored soup dumplings.

FAIL. too big, too greasy. no good.

last time we had kong fu cha, i didnt like it so we decided to try a new place this time. i got the regular milk tea to be safe. they were buy one get one free, but too good to be true. it tasted pretty bad. super sweet and artificial flavored. FAIL

we also got the hand-pull noodles. hand-pull noodles with lamb soup. meh i dont know if we were too full so it didnt taste good or it’s just not so good. the soup was rather bland and the noodles did not taste as chew considering its hand pulled.

the most horrifying thing was i saw hair on a piece of lamb or pork skin. that totally freaked me out and killed my entire appetite. ive never seen hair on meat skin in my food before. that was disgusting.

lastly, i got my fave mango dessert from my fave dessert spot, man ji desserts! sooo goood!

pork belly and i both got diarrhea after our trip. we wonder which food we ate that made us sick.

Mitsuwa Marketplace
595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 941-9113

Golden Mall
41-28 Main St
Flushing, NY 11355

New World Mall Food Court
4021 Main St
Flushing, NY 11354


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